Letters to
Celina Roe
1859 - 1885


November 8, 1859 Elisabeth Conklin
"... I had waited anxiously a letter that I might know how the babe was and when at last it came I learned that he had departed from this world of trouble to be forever at rest..."

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August 1, 1860 Elisabeth Conklin
"... I see myself a married woman with two children one in my arms and one to hang to my dress and I know nothing about traveling, and so what can I do must I stay at home always ..."

September 9, 1860 Nelly Crain
"... I have not heard a word from you since you left only that you sacked by Clay city and was disappointed again a not findind the one you longed to see most but hope you have before this time..."

November 18, 1860 Elisabeth Conklin
"... we have built a nice little kitchin and privy and made a new gate and cistern. and our eavespouts cost us almost 7 dollars we want to build a new fence in the spring we owe two hundred and 70 dollars yet on our lot..."

December 9, 1860 Elisabeth Conklin
"... my babe has been badly burned and I can scarcely get time to cook a meal of victuals and it all happened because I trusted to granma's care and went out for some wood and he fell on the stove..."

December 30, 1860 Elisabeth Conklin
"... I never saw our Father look more harty than at the present time he had on a new sute of clothes through out and he bought him a buffalo robe when here I expect he means to strike around a little from the looks of things..."

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January 5, 1861 Elisabeth Conklin
"... I had thought maby your husband might have enlisted and gone as Surgeon ther has several gone from this place... I think your husband is just as capable of filling that place as those that have gone from here and it would pay well for him to go if he could get the office..."

March 19, 1861 Elisabeth Conklin
"... he thinks he cannot stand Fathers abuse as he terms it but Father don't seem to want to help him any and I cannot see why he should be so unkind to all of his Children..."

July 21, 1861 Nelly Crain
"... there has a good many of the boys went from around here...it seems as thoug they thougt it would be a funny notion to go down there to be shot at..."

July 21, 1861 Isaac Aldrich
"... I am afraid I shall not be able to come and make you a visit for a long time...I have enlisted for the war and am going to Indianapolis next week..."

September 8, 1861 Elisabeth Conklin
"... Isaac has inlisted for a souldier and is now drilling in camp Jackson one mile north of Laport he says he has good times there but I fear he little knows what his fare will be when he is sent south to confront the rebbel army..."

November 4, 1861 Nelly Crain
"... There was a storm here I think it was on 4th of october qest after dark it done considerable damage in hamilton it blew Aidons building all to peaces and would taken it clear into the pond if it had not been for the grubs..."

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January 4, 1862 Elisabeth Conklin
"... I fancy that I am almost a worthless mortal for my family is so small and my work so lite and yet it is never done. I sometimes fancy that my children are more trouble than other people's and I know that my children are sick the most of the time..."

After January 4, 1862 Elisabeth Conklin
"... Nelly rote to me to write you the particulars as it regards Susans deathe which is as follows. She had been from home and bought her grave cloths and Strictnine to poisen herself..."

March 2, 1862 Nelly Crain
"... calico has been 19cts per yd but has come down to a shilling we got a bolt of cotton cloth and paid 19cts a yard...tallow is worth 8cts butter 8cts lard 6 tea one dollar and qtr per pound Cofee 90cts candlewicking 10 per ball..."

June 29, 1862 Nelly Crain
"... Arvila got a letter from Brother Isaac last Saturday he was well when he wrote he was sick at the time of the Battle of Pitsburg landing and for that reason was not in the battle when he wrote to me he told me to Direct to I T Aldrich Pitsburg Landing Tenn..."

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March 7, 1863 Nelly Crain
"... they have cleared the draft in this Township for the present call by hireing volunteers they paid them four hundred dollars bounty to a man Leute paid fifty five dollars and he paid 20 last fall so you see it takes all we can make to support the war and pay taxes..."

March 12, 1863 Nelly Crain
"... I guess they will keep on fighting till they kill off all the white men and send the n****s here to live with the women and children..."

April 26, 1863 Nelly Crain
"... Our poor little Daughter is no more I wrote to you that she guetting worse but could not think of parting with her...we thought she must guet better but she continued fail in spite of all our efforts..."

Spring, 1863 Elisabeth Conklin
"... I don't know what is to become of the poor people whose husband are in the army and the orphand and widows it makes my heart ache to think of it but so it is and what is the prospects of better times..."

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February 7, 1864 Nelly Crain
"... the men and boys about here have been volunteering again this winter till ther scarcely an able bodied man left we cant hire a days wor done short of a dollar and there is know one to hire and if they draft out many more men I dont how the harvesting will be done..."

May 8, 1864 Nelly Crain
"... I am very glad that you enjoy yourself so well in going to meeting and wish I could have the same privelige I think I could enjoy it very well but there is no meeting nearer than thre or four mile..."

July 10, 1864 Nelly Crain
"... I have attend a good many funerals. I attended one last week of a little child tha was burned to death there has been to deaths by suicide in this vicinity of late the well known Richard Colton of hamilton was found in the upper part of the mill Dead..."

November 6, 1864 Nelly Crain
"... Ther been a great many drafted about here...but they are all very loth to go and are cursing old abe lincoln...some have tried to runaway but have taken and brought back and every one that is worth any thing are hiring substitutes and paying from six to 1000 hundred dollars..."

December 11, 1864 Elisabeth Conklin
"... William with 25 other men formed club each one putting in 100 dollars and those that were drafted out of that club were to draw the pile there was 4 men drafted there from and his hundred dollars is minus..."

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February 3, 1884 Nelly Crain
"... we have had the best of sleiging for six week but it was so cold we couldnt go part of the time the thermometer stood 28 degrees below zero the coldest day but it staved last week and spoiled the sleighing..."

February 19, 1884 Nelly Crain
"... I think that I have only one Brother left and to think that he aint honest and I can't think otherwise it grieves me to the very heart if I have any..."

February 24, 1884 Nelly Crain
"... he thought there would be about four hundred dollar for the heirs if there was not any more Claims filed but I expect they will be Phill has a Claim of 60 or 60 dollars and I expect he wil think of some thing else and if mother guets one third we may only guet five dollars a piece..."

August 28, 1884 Elisabeth Conklin
"... I am anxious to know whether you wish to help in the sale of that property if we dont hold ourselves in readiness to bid on it Tom French will bid it in & he can never pay for it & the thing will drag a long till we will never realise anything from there..."

August 29, 1884 Nelly Crain
"... the sale of farm will be the 4th of september which will be next thursday and I dont expect he could guet here I dont know of any one that wants it now it was praised at 36 hundred we was offered that for it before it was appraised..."

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April 19, 1885 Nelly Crain
"... I have been to hamilton to day to church we have a nice little black that we can hitch up and drive ourselves I thought if you come out we could go around when we pleased..."

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