Elisabeth Conklin
March 19, 1861
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    March 19th 1861
  Dear Sister  
It is a beautiful Sabbath morning and my little Willy is sleeping sweetly therefore I will improve the present moments in writing a few lines to you. I received a letter from Nelly and Jason of late and I expected to have received a line in the same to send to you but as there was none came I will put of writing no longer. they are all well. Jason is sugering with Lucius and Sarah his wife has a young sone. Jason says he shall leave Fathers this spring and I cannot see how he is to get along for my part, but he thinks he cannot stand Fathers abuse as he terms it but Father dont seem to want to help him any and I cannot see why he should be so unkind to all of his Children.
          We are all well with the exceptions of bad colds and I am the largest that ever I was. My weight is only 100 and 76 don't you think that will do. Nelly says herself and family are well that they are preparing to make sugar and if I will come out that I may have some I would liked to have went early so as to have went there before garden making for then I could have got a good many roots such as curands and I wanted an other sprout of mothers rose for the one I had has dide and I wanted a sprout of your yellow roses, but I have concluded to wait until the weather becomes settled and pleasant and I want you to come and go with me it will be warm and we could have such a nice time and I want to see you so much I have thought some of trying to come there next fall in case you did not come here
          I want you to write and tell me how much the fare was from the state line through to new massillon for I can go as far as the state line free of cost.
I had the pleasure of seeing one of our aunts aunt debrow she was here and stayed with me one night she was on her way to Ill to see her sone that is now lying sick with the consumption she has been married the second time but she does not live with her second husband she has been living with aunt Delilah the past year. she is about the sise that cousin milly used to be but her ways of talking reminded me very much of our dear mother. cousin Harriet and family are well she often inquires about you and when you write you must address a few lines to her. Ida goes to school she now reads in the second reader she says she would like to see Hatty and I must tell her to come and see her
          William is at home to day but he is to lazy to write he says tell Celina and dock that I would like to see them but I am too busy to find time to visit much. we are still in debt but we are in hopes that we will soon be clear of any such encumberance, how I wish you owned a house and lot near here so that when I am alone I could run over and see you and pass of the lonesome hours, it would indeed be pleasant. But Hatty has been as almost the same as a sister since we found that we were cousins if she was only a little nearer, I have a good lot of sewing on hand and I can not find time to get it out of the way I have four dresses to make such as they are I wish you were here to make them for as you are going to school I think you must be out of work, I forget whether I told you that Drusilly quarrelled with Sousan and drove her from her grandfathers shortly after you left here
          for want of room I must close
                           from your sister

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