Nelly Crain
July 21, 1861
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  July 21st 1861
                                   Dear Sister
          I received a letter from you in may an was very glad to hear from you but you must pardon me for not writing sooner for I thougt I would go down to fathers first and we have been so busy that we could not guet away until last sonday we found them all well but it does not seem much like home Father was married in april to the widow wilkins mabe Doc has seen her She is about the size of Margaret cory She has two girls one 10 and the other twelth the step around quite smart an she has two boys but they do not live at home I think she is a good housekeeper and the boys all seem to like her very well and I guess she will be good to philly Isac was at work for father by the month but philly was here to day and he says that Isac has enlisted but he hasnot gone yet and I hope he wont but he has ben wanting to go all summer and I expect he will there has a good many of the boys went from around here I will mention some James Renner and two other Flave and Milo George Henry galerd an young David bender and a great many more that I cant think of it seems as thoug they thougt it would be a funny notion to go down there to be shot at but I think they'l change their minds when it is to late for my part I dont know what is going to become of this once beautiful nation but I fear the worst is to come Report says that Dock has gone as surgeon but I dont believe it but if he should go you had better come back here and live with me for I shall be very lonely if Lucius has to go but I hope they will settle it before long and not take our husbands from us
Jason lives on the gillet place pa told him he he might have all he could raise and he would find him a team to use but could not give him any land at present he is farming what he can there and works out some I think he must be very busy for he has not been here since he got done making sugar but I dont blame him for we have not been there atall for we had so much to do that we have not been anywher this summer Lucus Has got his barn up and enclosed all but the doors and the carpenters have gone now for we cant guet lumber to finish it now Hyman Doty has bought the old sawmill now Mr grinimire has built a new house this summer on your old place O how I wish it was you but i cant be so and I must be contented for they are good neibers I have had to work harder this summer than ever we milk four cows and butter is from four to six cents per pound so you see I am making money fas wheat is worth to 50 fifty cents a bushel in trade and work very high in consequence of so many going to the war wheat is god here but ours was rather ligt corn looks well but it is late some of it begining to tasel out fruit will be very rare father said he should not have aples enough for green aples we sold apart of our wool for 25 cents a pound and the rest I have not picked yet but school is out now and jane can help me some an trust I can guet along beta Jane Nisly left fathers this srping she is liveing with her cousin in agiton I havenot since her since Ther is not much going on in hamilton except in [illegible]
          Mr A little's folks have a pair of twin a son weighing 8 pound and daughter 7 well done for martha Mr Jef pincens's have a son Martin Turner a daughter a some more expected Sam Tubs has traded his house and lot for the one Godfrey owned Their health is better than it used to be Lizzy sends her love to you John Smith's folks live in your old house they moved back last summer old Mr archibald smith is dead old mr harvy also Mr stodar and old Mrs phllips have aso gone the has been some weddings which I will mention
Meig Ruamy Nisely and Tucker McCurdy have finally griped the bromstick Timithy aldrich to Mary Swinehart Mary Jane divine to an overly an a boy to begin with Elen is not maried but she has a son Hanah is married to an overly also Mrs Isaac Durum and Mrs Maple are also expecting it is a fine thing to have some that are willing to multiply the earth in such times as these
Aunt Aurelia and Uncle richar were here and made me a visit to day she sends her best respects and say she would like to se you the res of the folks are well Cousin Nancy has a daughter
If you want to know where I spent my fourth I can tell I at home I churned and moped and baked and if you and libb had ben here I could have enjoyed it very well there was a celebration at hamilton the children went and enjoyed it very much Lucius plowed corn he is so hurried with work that he hardly guets time to sleep nights he has cut tis wheat but has not hauled it in he says he should like to celina and Hatty jane say she wants to see aunt Celina and the girls

I have not seen Elizabeth since you left she keps writing about comeing but I guess she wont come atall I had a letter from her last week she said she had written two letters to y and had not received no answer and she did not know where you was I cant think of anything more to write I must close write as soon as you get this write all the particulars and dont be so saving of paper.                     Nellie Crain

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