Jonas H. Roe
and Family

1859 - 1885

Court Martial
Description Roll

from Jonas H. Roe
to Jonas Roe
from Celina's Siblings



     The following is a collection of letters written in the late 1800s. They chronicle the experiences of Jonas H. Roe and members of his extended family. Through this collection we learn of troop movements and personal experiences of Dr. Jonas H. Roe, a volunteer in the 5th Illinois Cavalry during the American Civil War. We also learn of the death of one of his daughters, the marriage of another, and the everyday activities of rural and city life through a series of letters written to Celina Aldrich Roe, Jonas' third wife.
     Many of these letters survived most of the last hundred and forty years in a cigar box which came to be kept inside a small strong box stored in a closet. This unique manner of preservation has recently been improved to a more classical archival folder system. In the transition, steps were taken to collect images of the letters and compile them, with transcriptions, in the space contained here. In addition, copies of letters were obtained from the Illinois State Historical Library, transcribed and included in this collection.
     With the assistance of family from near and far, these letters, part of our history, have been made available. I thank them for their efforts. I know you will appreciate their contributions.

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