Elisabeth Conklin
January 5, 1861
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    Jan 5th 1861
  Dear Sister  
It is a pleasant Sabbath evening and as I am all a lone my mind is constantly running after you and inquiring why you have neglected me. I have not seen one scratch of your pen since I wrote to you that I could not visit this Fall. Perhaps you felt disappointed but I feel thankful that I gave up the idea as soon as what I did. my babe took worse in a very few days from that time and has but just recovered so as to be about once more which I feared he never would. I have not so much as made Harriet a visit since then so you may know how cloce I have been kept and my sewing is all behind hand which is always the case
I wish you would come and help me through with it for I want to see you more than tongue can tell but I may never have that privalige again, but we must all hope for the best. I have seen most all the relation from up there excepting our own family. Uncle Simeon's Family have all been here but Abbygal and Ann. Uncle David's girls were here. Solamon Cox is here in camp and so is Simeon Aldrich but our brother Isaac has gone in the 29th regament and is in Kentucky he said in his last letter that he had had no fighting to do yet but was anxious to be about it. I had thought maby your husband might have enlisted and gone as Surgeon ther has several gone from this place Dr Woodworth is a is a going with this regament when it leaves and they expect to go this week. I think your husband is just as capable of filling that place as those that have gone from here and it would pay well for him to go if he could get the office, so you had better start him off put the children all in school and come and live with me while he is gone.
But Ida thinks she would like to have the children too she has not forgotten them she often says she would like to see them, Emily and Alace must be almost young women by this time and they must be a site of help to you if it was not so far I should like to have one of them to stay with me this winter if they would but they think I am so cross that they could not and I know I am some cross but I think not quite so bad as when they were here but you may believe me or no I could not help it and they must try and look over that time and count it only a blank I will send them all my love and best wishes kiss little Hatty for me and tell her aunt Lizzy would like very much to see her.
William is from home this evening he is still running the Engine we have got our house out of debt and have been repareing it some but there is still room for improvements but if my family is well next Fall I mean to make some few visits and if you don't come here I shall try to find you if possable
as I think of nothing more I will bid you good night
                                                             Sister Lizza Conklin

[in margin] please answer this imediately Celina and dont neglect it

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