Nelly Crain
February 24, [1884]
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[inverted] give my love yours and accept a good share yourself and be careful you dont guet into a snow slide in the mountains for I live in hopes that I shal see you in a year from now if we all live

  Feb 24  
          It is sabbath and it is so Cold and stormy that we cant go to church it is very cold and wintery for the season it has been snowing all day the snow is thre inches deep if you was here we would take a sleighride I think many is better since she is at home Mats arm is doing well as could be expected Henry aldrich also is quite sick and they are afraid he wont guet well I have not seen any one that makes sugar yet you had better write to david aldrich he lives on henrys place he will make lots of it and can ship it to you with less trouble than I could there is no one around here that makes any to sell
I found them old pictures of father and mother there was a man the other day that wanted to take them and paint them in oill paintings Life size he wanted 16 dollars for the two he had some that looked very Natural but I had no money to spare if you want them I will guet them for you he would frame them for you I have wrote all I can think of that is of importance
          Oberlin said he could not make a final settlement till in june that is of the personal property the other I dont know when it will be settled he thought there would be about four hundred dollar for the heirs if there was not any more Claims filed but I expect they will be Phill has a Claim of 60 or 70 dollars and I expect he wil think of some thing else and if mother guets one third we may posibly guet five dollars a piece write let us know what you think about the town property and what time you will start west
                    Sister Nellie Crain

I forgot to tell you that

Uncle Elias and hannah Randal was here and made us a visit he loks very lonsome and I know he fels very sad Phill says he is determined to guet him another woman I guess he come in hopes to guet mary jane But she has got a pension now and I gues she will try to get along without a man she has gone to michigan

Hannah Randalls man is married again he married his brothers wife that was divorced they divided the property and he provides for the children but they visit and stay with their mother when they are a mind to she keeps house for her father she has seen lots of trouble

Please read that one sheet and burn it for I am ashamed of what I have but I wrote as I felt but hope I am wrong

© elf junction, ink.

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