Elisabeth Conklin
November 8, [1859]
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    Nov the 8
  Dear Sister  
I received your line and as short as it was you may be assured it was received with a willcum and you may be assured that I can simpacithe with you in your afflictions. I had waited anxiously a letter that I might know how the babe was and when at last it came I learned that he had departed from this world of trouble to be forever at rest and you may be thankful that he has past from death into life and escaped so many troubles that awaited him in this unfriendly wourld. I know it must be very hard to part with one of our own little ones but we must learn to think under all circumstances that all is for the best and what is your loss is but his gane so rest assured that he is far happier than he possibly could be in his own mothers arms as fondly as she loved him.
I sent you a letter from Roe the week before I received yours I hope it may convey some good tidings.
as for the money you spoke of pray give yourself no uneasiness about that for we do not want it we have received pay since then and William is getting better wages
William says you may rest easy for we will never know the difference whether we have it or no I was sorry I forgot to get you milk for the babe and something for you to eat I worried after you had gone but we were in such a flury that I could not help it you also forgot many of your things which could not be seen just then concluding the tablecloth which I will keep if you are willing the rest I will send you the first opportunity. I want to come out yet this winter and see you before you leave for the far west William says I may come in wellcum for he is away nearly all the time he has not been at home one night fare more than a week so you may know I am not a little lonesome how I wish you could come back and spend the winter with me.
          I want you to write a lengthy letter and let me know how you are getting a long and all the particulars regarding the babe tell mother to come back and stay with me this winter and nelly that I want to see her and her children very much I have done considerable sewing since you was here and have a great deal to do yet if it was all done I would start and come strait out their well I have no knews to tell you and my head aches as though it would split and so I will soon have to close and bid you good by for this time.
I would like to have sent you those embroidery patterns but I have not had time draw them off as yet but I will try to do so the next time I write.
tell Nelly to write and let me know whether she was pleased with her things or no.
          tell Filly he must write to me without fale   give my love to all inquiring friends if any such their ma be and reserve a portion for your self
From your sister 
 Elisabeth Conklin

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