Elisabeth Conklin
September 8, 1861
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    September the 8th 1861
          Dear Sister
It is with an acheing heart that I have it at last seated myself to pen you a few lines I received your letter just one week from date and I farely sicken at the thought of sitting dow and writing to you that I can not come to see you this Fall for it seems as though I could not give up coming, but my babe has been sick and I am afraid to start on a journey with him. Ida wants so much to come and it makes me feel realy bad to give up the Idea, but I know it would not be prudent to take him so far from home he has been having such a bad dyareah and it [might] come on him on the road and then how could I get a long.      and I have other things to make me feel sad perhaps you have heard the same, that Isaac has inlisted for a soudier and is now drilling in camp Jackson one mile north of Laport he says he has good times there but I fear he little knows what his fare will be when he is sent south to confront the Rebbel army. he has written to me twice since he enlisted and he seems to think it his whole duty to go and support the flag of his country and it may bee for our government must be sustained but it seems as though he is almost to young and unexperienced to put in an army and send so far from home to face the Rebbels and I dont believe he could kill a man even if had the chance but we must hope for the best he has been sworn in, and there is no stopping him. if he has not written you I will send you his letters to me. he is in the 27th Regament under Cololel Miller If you want to write to him direct your letter
I T Aldrich          Laport Laport Co Ind in care of Capt Olinler Oblinger
I want to know how you feel about our countrys calamities I for one feel dreadfuly worried and wish the war was at an end and I fear that time will never be as lond as there is any one left to carry it on. and what will become of me if William should have to go I would rather bury him here.   but I would think that your husband might go as sergeon and make good wages and be out of danger to. Pike Hand went for quarter master was gone three months and drew from the government 500 and 50 dollars and I think the Dock might get some Office and make good wages, but I can not give up the Idea of seeing you, William says maby Willy will be so that I can come next month but I dare make no more promises for you dont want to be disappointed. if I dont come to see you I must try and go to see Nelly poor thing she must feel lonely enough but her children are a cite of compinee to her
well the hour is growing late this is the second letter I have written since I put the children to sleep William is from home and I feel very lonely but I have had a good time writing to you and Isaac poor fellow I fear I will never see him more and he has never been to see me and now he cannot come, tell emmily I would liked to have come while the warm weather lasted for Willy is so fond of children and she could have had such a nice time with him for he just the sweetest little fellow and Ida would have had such nice time running in the fields here she is kept in this little yard all the time and she wants so much to get out and run and play

          I must close
                    From your Sister
                              Elisabeth Conklin

                              Celina Roe

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