Nelly Crain
February 3, 1884
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[written in heading] I received your letter write as soon as you guet this

  Feb the 3rd 1884
    Hamilton Ind  
  Nellie Crain to Celina Batton  
          Dear  it is sabbath and I am alone for a few moments I will improve the time in writing a few lines to you we are as well as usual my health is good and has been all winter Lute is never well but he keps around many has had a sick spell and lost two weeks school she is better now but she is not well she has gone over to madrid is there to day grandma is quite sick. I shouldnt be surprised if she dont guet well lute is as ugly as ever and mean she abuses her mother [sparingly] but she can put up with it from lity and give her everything she has many say she abuses her so she can hardly stay but she is going to try and stay till school is out and than she wont trouble her much more Phill has returned from Uncle Lucas Uncle and his daughter Hannah came home with him she is a [grass] widow but I have not seen them
you wanted to know sarah was guetting along they did not rais much of any corn and dont have very plenty of money but she works on without complaining an live in hopes of better times  But one thing she has that I am afraid we haint got she live in the enjoyment of religion and she seems to be very happy. She attends Sabbath school and has a class and tends church every sabbath and dont have Anyone to oppose her if will cant take her she goes with her neighbors and sometimes she goes a foot I gues Phill makes it his home but he dont come to see us and I cant go there while many is away there has nothing been done about the business yet I cant do anything and I expect likely mother will drop off and we will have the rest of her young ones to deal with yet
Liza haint been out out since last spring and I dont know as she ever will she has so much to see to she cant leave Lu run away to john mathers folks last year fall an she haint sen nor heard from her since she and will live there alone Charly is on the railroad we havent any of us been down although we have had the best of sleiging for six week but it was so cold we couldnt go part of the time the thermometer stood 28 degrees below zero the coldest day but it thawed last week and spoiled the sleighing. one of teds horses are sick and he couldnt drive it so we couldnt go I have looked for her out all winter but dont see her I want to go down after school is out so that I can stay some if we all kep well tell william that teddy is driving his calf to day in the yolk that he made him
he goes to school but had to stay out on account of the cold weather I think he is learning some but he is always willing to stay out if he has any excuse and he always makes something every day he stays at home I do wis he could have a chance to learn to woork with tools for I am afraid we can never make a farmer of him he thinks he would like to dig gold I did think I should see you this spring but if go away of there I shall despair of ever seeing you again I wish we could guet that business settled this spring I presume it will have to go through court and use it all up I dont suppose that town property will fesh more than 4 or 5 hundred a most and if it is sold at auction it wont fesh that I expect Jasons are comeing in will cause it to go into court Lute wont look after it and tom says he dont think there can be a final settlement made this spring he taks as though he would stan a trial and make them prove their kinship he thinks it wont cost him anything because he has relation that are lawyers

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