Nelly Crain
June 29, 1862
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[inverted, note is assumed to be written by Celina Roe to her husband] I will send you Sister No 3 letter please send it back if you send any by express Mail it to Ths Vandiver + tell him to send it to us secretly for we are afraid of robbers

  June 29th 1862
  Dear Sister  
It is with pleasure I now sit down to write a few lines to you to let you know how we are all guettin along we are all will except Lucius his health is not good and I dont know as it ever will be but he keeps taking medicine and keps around about his work the most of the time bu he cant stand it to do a good days work in a day. I received your leter two weeks ago and thougt to have written immediately but allways put off writing till sonday and then fathers folks and Jason and sarah and the baby come and I did not write and last sonday I attended the funeral of Jacob Shoemakers wife she was confined to her bed 8 weeks and sufrered beyond all acount she left a babe and a little girl 2 years old her age was 21 years so passeth away the youn and beautiful as well as the aged an we know not whoshe turn will come next how necessary it is that we should be prepared but sometimes I fear we never shal b Dr barnathy wife was buried last Sonday
You wrote th you and the children were well and I hope this will find you enjoying the same blessing
I suppose you would like to know what I am doing well I trying to make me a lawn dres I have got it all done but the sleeves and I don't know how to make them I wish you were here to make them for me I got me a worsted dress this spring but it is not very nice but I will send you a piece of it I have been trying to guet my bonnet done up but had miserable work made of it I had that white ribbon put on it an paid 10 shillings for the work and border and now I don't think it is fit to wear and I have got me a shaker I think I shall never guet any more bonnets done over I have not picked my wool yet I have seven fleeces to pick and lute sold sevin he got 40 cents a pound he sold his wheat for 88 cents per bushel butter is worth 8 cts eggs six wheat look remarcable wel here we shall have a few peaches and some aples you wanted me to write about all the folks and I will try to as much as I can There has been more weddings than you can shake a stick at and some very silly ones slatiry Brown to Truman beacher they live hamilton in the house th acia little built Acia Little is married to Clarinda Fee Phila Potter to a feller by the name of Birk Mrs Potter man has left her again Lucretia Bender to george shick he is her cosen Lydia grate and margaret Eden dirrim ad Luelen Perfect and Amanda george and Earnest and Lorany Little are all all married and lots of others that I cant think of Ian smith too Cosen Lucy Tubs and Aunt laury have gone to vermont on a visit Samuel is going to stay in hamilton and work at blacksmithing till fall and then he is going back and I don't think they will ever some back Henrys folks live in the house that was grandpa's but I believe they are going build this summer they are going to have more family and they say Timthy folks are two Timithy lives down below Lenard somewhere but I never was there I leive he works at blacksmithing but I have not seen him since he was married Jason lives on the Gillet place he trades horses about twice a week on an average they call thier babe Isaac Henry he is seven weeks old and I think he is a smart baby Jate thinks there never was so smart a child I was going to feth your rocking Chair home but sarah wanted it and jate said he would pay you for it last fall bu I don't beleive he means to do it atall for he always has ways for his money before he guets it Sarah is very saving and industrious and does the best she can to guet a liveing Jane Niselly is working for Mary jane Andrew Mrs beecher gave them the George Gillet place and they building a new house this summer John Smiths folk live in your house they but father say he cant guett enoug for rent to pay the taxes they take their pay in work Susan does the most of their sewing Fathers wife seems to be a clever woman but she aint any like mother but pa thinks she is jest rite they can dress up and wride around but cant affrd to send philly to school he and bill willkins does the work out doors and they can hire it done in the house I think there will be more family there in time it makes me think of uncle Charly Crains folks they lost two of their Boys in the army Oscar an Henry they both died of sickness Mrs Crain has grown old very fast she dont look like the same person I received a letter from lizabet 2 weeks ago they were all well she said she had not heard from you in a long time
Arvila got a letter from Brother Isaac last Saturday he was well when he wrote he was sick at the time of the Battle of Pitsburg landing and for that reason was not in the battle when he wrote to me he told me to Direct To I T Aldich Pitsburg Landing Tenn Co B 29 reg Ind Volunteer In care of Capt H G Davis
I cant think of any think of any thing more to write And think it is about time to quit for I have been four evenings writing this I dont know as you will find it very interesting but you must excuse my scribbling for I know I cant write the children go to school Jane is trying to learn to write she wants to see you an the girls very much I would like to see hatty but you must kiss her over for me I want to know if you ever think of comeing back here for I miss you very much Mother crain health is not very good She has got the mumps now but not very bad Vidd is taller I am She is fixing to go to the fourth there is going to be a celebration at pleasant lake Charles Perfect is keeping tavern at the lake he is guetting up a ball I could go if wanted to but I don't I will send you some peaces of my dresses and want you to do so by me the lawn was 25 cts and the paid 15 I want you to write oftiner and write all the news
I remain your affectionate sister
Nelly Crain

© elf junction, ink.

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