Nelly Crain
March 2, 1862
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  March 2nd 1862

          Dear sister
                    I now embrace the present opportunity of writing a few lines to you for I have no hopes of seeing very you soon it sonday evening and I feel rather lonesome for I have been visiting for almost too weks and we are alone to night Lizzy and William are out here on a visit an if you were here we should enjoy it very much she brought a letter from you which I was very glad to see I know you must be very lonely out there all alone but you always make the best of everything I know you will do a great deal better than I could under such circumsances I been all around an seen all of our folks Henrys folks are all well Uncle Rogers health is very poor but aunt lucy's is better than it used to be Coz Lucy's health is poor Uncle davids folks are all weel except nancy her health is very poor she worries a great deal about her husband he is in the united States service Uncle Ricards folks are well I stayed with Coz Elizabet Tubs last night she is quite unwell so that he even and got a girll to day They live in a part of mrs Fadoes House I went in to see mrs Fadoe she is very low with the inflamation on the lungs an I dont she will recover
          I was up to Mr Browns last week Mrs Browns health is some better Frances is at home and Stat is teaching school in hamillton she sad she would write to you soon
                              Sonday March 16th

I comenced this a long time ago and put by without finishing an it seems as thoug I never should finish it for it has been so long since I have written to you that I dont how to commence it has been a very stormy day an allthough I have my Husband and children with me I must confess I have felt very lonesome an my thougts have been with you and friends that are far away I received a letter from Isaac last Monday he was at Bowlingren Ky and said he was well and weighes 100 90 pounds and was gaining every day but I feel very uneasy about him it seems as thoug All those I care the most about are gone (he said he had not received but one leter form y although he hd writen the ton you) Father does not visit me often and when he does it does not seem as it used to and he dont hardly ever let philly come I think he has got a good clever woman but she aint any like our dear mother and I cant make it seem like home to go there it brings fres memories of the past to my mind an I less satisfied than I do to stay at home But Father seems to enjoy himself he goes to all of the dances he can hear off, but I never shall forget last ball that we were at at the old tavern on the corner an dont think I shall ever attend another I have had no desire to go since
          Luciuses health has been very poor all winter but he is guetting a little better but he is not sound and I fear he never will be the children and myself have enjoyed very good health since you went away I was sory to hear of dislocation of your knee but hope it is well now I wish you could come and stay with me this summer for I know you will be very lonely unless you teach school I should be very lonesome but I shall have so much to do that I cant guet time we shall have four cows to milk this summer I made some cheese last fall we keep old cate yet an she has a two year old colt that is almost as large as she is and we have got a barn to put them in we commenced making sugar last week I sugared of as much as we could eat and had a panfull and sugar bowlful left I would like to send you a gob on a chip but it is so far that I cant you wanted me to write all the new things I had got I can tell you we dont get much for everything we have to by is so dear calico has been 19cts per yd but has come down to a shilling we got a bolt of cotton cloth and paid 15 cts a yard everything we have to sell is very cheap Lute sold 9 fat hogs and they come to thirty five dollars he sold the hind quarters of a beef and it came to seven dollars a 80 cts tallow is worth 8 cts butter 8 cts lard 6 tea One dollar and qtr per pound Cofee 90cts candlewicking 10 per ball I can think of nothing more to write so I must bring my letter to a close hoping you will not fail to write as soon as you receive this Jany sends her love to you and wants to see you all very much and I say so too
          I remain your afectionate sister
                                   Nelly Crain

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