Elisabeth Conklin
[After January 4, 1862]
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          Dear Sister
I cannot see why you can abuse me so as not to write me a single line when you know it would do me so much good to hear from you you certainly cannot care as much for me. I have a letter that was written the 4th of Jan I have been waiting anxiously looking for a letter from you but as I can neither see nor hear any thing I will continue my multiplide letters
          Nelly rote to me to write you the particulars as it regards Susans deathe which is as follows. she had been from home and bought her grave cloths and Strictnine to poisen herself she was not very well, and was sitting up till late writing a letter to her lover her Granmother told her she had better go to bed, she answered I will when through writing she finished and then said she must have a piece to eat before retireing to bed she went to the cupboard and spread her a piece of bread and butter and put the poison on it sat by the fire and ate it and then retired to her room she had scarcely reached her room when they heard her fall her Grandfather ran to her assistence when he picked her up she said I am dying he told her he thought she was in a fit and she answered maby I am and that was the last words she ever spoke.   the poisened paper she had left lying on the stand.   her Grandfather had opposed her Marring because he thought her too young they must mourn her death greatly
          and now what can I say to persuade you to write to me I have already begged and begged of you to write and I hope you will now favor me with a few scratches of your pen
                    From your sister Elisabeth
Celina Roe                                Conklin

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