Nelly Crain
February 7, 1864
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Ostego Feb the 7th 1864
Dear sister I will  
again endeavor to write a few lines to you as you have ceased writing altogether this is the third I have written since I have received any from you and think it will be the last unless you write we are all enjoying as good health as usual and hope this may find you enjoying the same blessing I cant help feeling a little lonesome these lonery winter days and think of you very often and wonder if you are as lonely as I am I have my husband with me yet but dont know how long I shall he is guetting the war fever of late. and if he dont volunteer I fear he will be drafted. the men and boys about here have been volunteering again this winter till ther scarcely an able bodied man left we cant hire a days wor done short of a dollar and there is know one to hire and if they draft out many more men I dont how the harvesting will be done but there has always been a way and probably there will be the old veteran solders are a great many of them at home on furlows of 30 day the most of them have reenlisted the Renner boys are all at home safe Stu youngest goes away tomorrow he has enlisted in the hundred and 29th Soloman Cox is at home well and hearty Lydia Baker has an heir we were down to uncle Sims and Henrys about thre weeks ago they were all well then aunt lauras health is quite good Uncle Roger and aunt lucy are alive yet. but they look very old and feeble they live in the old house yet Simeon has got home Philly has just come he is well and says the folks are all well we are going to church this afternoon and it is time to start so I will lay this by for the present I have been to visit [relatives] and gues I shant this winter for the roads are very bad now sonday night we have all been to meeting for the first time this winter I think we had a very god sermon and we are all at home now but there vacant seat but I must be content with my lot for who has not lost a friend but my loss can never be made up but I know I ought to be thankful that my condition is no wors but I can never forget that dear dear child I have been very anxious to hear from you since we have had such cold weather we have heard of several persons being froze to death dont know but that is the case with you but for all that I cant help loking for you but I know shal lok in vain I am very sleepy and cant think any thing to write so I will close and try and do beter next time
dont fail to write as soon as you guet this and tell all the particulars
Crain     From your sister      Nelly

I will send you a postage stamp do that you cant have an excuse for not writing

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