Elisabeth Conklin
[Spring, 1863]
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[in pencil, presumably by Jonas H. Roe] John Allen is sick he does not stand the service well now ___ many or dying with Dysintary

Dear Sister
          It has been some time since I received your last, but you must excuse my negligence for I can scarcely find time to write since I have the charge of three children, and I have been thronged with company almost ever since Aunt Delilah has been here on a visit her health is very poor and her mind is somewhat shattered she made me think of mother in a great many respects she spoke of you and said she would like to see you and your family Frank was here during her stay also Aunt Debro and Aunt D stayed five weeks I was quite sick during her stay but my health is some better although I am not very stout I manage to do my work. they did not any of them visit Nelly or Father's thought the expences to much and aunt's health was too poor to ride there in a wagon
have not had any knews from home for sometime I expect they have another heir there by this time and I dont see how father will find clothes to cover so many for calico has gone up to 40cts and muslin to 60 and flour to 10 dollars per bbl and I dont know what is to become of the poor people whose husbands are in the army and the orphand and widows it makes my heart ache to think of it but so it is and what is the prospects of better times very poor I think. I want you to write and tell me how times goes on with you and when the Dr time expires of army service and what your thoughts of emigrating west are tell me all you can think of for it is a pleasure for me to read any thing that you have written I hope you will not try to go farther away but come this way in preference I cannot bare the thoughts of your going so far away that I can never see you for Nelly is not near enough that I can see her oftener than once in 2 or 3 years and then I have to go there for she has never been to see me but once since mother's death and then I was absent and she almost had the histerics and she says she has never wanted to come since for on her return home she found Jane sick and she blames herself for leaveing too much work to do. poor creature she takes but little comfort in this world. and she is so faithless that I dont know what to think of her feuter prospects but we will hope for the best it is hope that keeps the heart whole and well it may for were it not for this what would become of us poor dying mortals - but faith is the most essential for us poor dying mortals to possess for it is through faith that we can do all things and I fear that this is what is lacking in your case. for when we give up all for christ and come to him by faith and lay hold on his promises knowing he is able and willing to save and that he has said whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely, why then should we fear, to come boldly to the throne of grace without fearing or doubting but believing that christ is mighty to save and that it is his good pleasure to give us the kingdom it is then and then only that he has promised to answer our petitions when you fully believe he will it is then you will experience that peace that the world can neither give nor take away I hope you will persivere in well doing that you will never give up the struggle till you shall land safe on canans shore it is there that my soul longs to be freed from the toil and care of this troublesome life, it is true the thought of parting with husband and children bring sad thoughts but we know sooner or later this must be and only that we are prepared it maters but little how soon the time shall come you asked me to join you in prayer for our gray haired parent that will not so much as acknowledge the existence of a creator I would be glad to do so I have often prayed for him but if our prayers were united they might avail much. we will then if you will consent, to commence prayer in his behalf on the 4 day of july at 10 oclock night and to continue the same every night at the same hour that our prayers may be united and let us ask in faith believeing that our prayers may be answered.

Ida has been trying hard to make you a little present and has finaly accomplished her design it is a pointed bead collar with red points I think it very pretty and hope you will think the same for she has puzzeled her little brain considerable in doing it for her Aunt celina
she says she would like to see the girls and send them something to if she had it to send. cant the girls write if they can why dont they write some to Ida and myself we would be very glad to hear from them. Husband is still on the road he is making 75 dollars a month and it takes it nearly all to live these hard times. butter is 35 and eggs 25 potatoes $150 and so on you can fudge what it costs to keep such a family as we have in such a place as this
I wont say any more about comeing to see you for it is as much as peopel can do to live these times without haveing compinee. William is at home to day he sends his respects and says he would like to see you.

          it is drawing near tea time and I must bring my lengthy letter to a close
                    my love to all, Elizabeth C

[in margin] write very soon without fail

© elf junction, ink.

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