Elisabeth Conklin
December 9, [1860]
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[continued from November 18th]
    Dec the 9th
Dear Sister   you must certainly think me negligent but did you know how hard it was for me to get time to write you would feel sorry for me and not rebuke. my babe has been badly burned and I can scarcely get time to cook a meal of victuals and it all happened because I trusted to granma's care and went out for some wood and he fell on the stove he burned his forehead and nose and hand his hand is still very bad and William is away from home the most of the time and I am very lonesome but the babe cryes so much that I hardly know what I am doing at times Mother Conklin stayed most five weeks but she was only a trouble I would like so well to have her stay with me a part of the time if she could but have her reasons, for as my poor mother is dead and gone to the spirit wourld where no traviler can nere return and I can scarcely realise that it can be so oh how much would I give if I could go home once more and see her there to wellcome me as she used to do but that time is no pas and gone for ever and how little did I appreciate it when it was but I have it to reflect upon no and I love her now more than ever I did I can look over all her falts and blame my self for not being more patient when she always had such a hard time in this wourld but she is now gone and I would if I could bring her back but if I could but know that she was now happy I believe I could always be happy under all circumstances but that is not for us to know in this wourld and I dont know but it is all for the best but if Williams mother could only have her rigte mind I could like her and I do like both like and feel sorry for her as it is
I will send you Nelly's letter which is the latest knews I have from any of the (our) folks and I hope you will write immediately and let me know how you are and how you are getting a long and whether you like new massilon any better or no I wish you could spend Christmas and now Years with me for I expect to be at home and alone as usual it seems hard that we must all be scatered and not be so as to see each other any more and I can not hardly stand it for I begin to think that there is no comfort in this world for me any more I must close before I give you the blues and I am alone and it is quite late the children are both asleep Ida sat up for compinee as long as her little eyes would stay open she says she would like to see Hatty and the rest of the Children but she like Hatty the best well I must close by sending my love to you and yours kiss Hatty for me and tell the Children I would like to see them
     N.B. now dont neglect writing to me directly
from you sister  Elisabeth

© elf junction, ink.

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