Elisabeth Conklin
November 18, [1860]
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    Nov. the 18th
  Dear Sister  
I have been trying for the last two month to get time and opportunity to write to you and have at last sealed myself to do so but it seems to be almost an imposability for me to write a line to any one my babe is so troublesome and Gramma Conklin has promist to tend him while I write she has been here with us for the last two weeks and she worries me dredfuly at times. she is no better than she was four years ago I feel very sorry for her. I received your husband's Letter and was very glad to hear that he was again with his family for it sat my mind at rest in a measure for I had worried my self greatly on you account besides all the worring I had to do of my own
I believe I wrote that we had bought property since you was here and we have to be very prudent and saving to get along and meet our payments but I have the satisfaction of feeling that I am in my own house and have no house rent to pay. we bought that place where you saw that pretty little dutch woman. we have built a nice little kitchin and privy and made a new gate and cistern. and our eavespouts cost us almost 7 dollars we want to build a new fence in the spring we owe two hundred and 70 dollars yet on our lot we have one year from last october to pay it in but we are trying hard to meet it as soon as next May for there is nothing like being clear of debt Father was here some two months ago he said he wanted much to see you but that I should write nothing concerning you to him for the letters that came from Wayne were all watched. I sent the Dr's letter to Nelly but directed to pleasant lake we have received two letters from Mrs potter she is in want of means and begs us to send you her letters but I did not think it worth while to do so. Jason is still living at home but Father thinks his wife does not know how to keep house he says he must have a housekeeper from some where but he does not know where. Isaac has left school and has been at home the most of the time this summer.
Cousin Frances Northrop was here on a visit some three weeks ago she stayed two weeks they live only thirty miles from here she wrote a line to Father to come and take her out there but he did not come she has two girls they are both girls Harriet and family are well and she sends her love to you and yours my Ida is going to school and learns very fast tell emily that if she had stayed she could have went to school steady and learned to have been a Lady and I believe she would like to stay here now for I am well and not half as cross as when she was here

[continued, December 9th]

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