Nelly Crain
September 9, 1860
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    September the 9 1860
Dear Sister
                    I have looked long and anxiously for a letter from you but all in vain I have not heard a word from you since you left only that you sacked day Clay city and was disappointed again a not findind the one you longed to see most but hope you have before this time but you dont know how so many times I have thought of you and when you were here for it has been a very lonesome summer to me as I can guet along very well till the last of the week and then it seems as though I must see you or mother acoming up the hill but I [illegible] try to be as contented as I can I have been down to fathers and stayed all knight once since you left but it does not seem any like home Father and I and Philly went down to the graveyard our flowers and rosebushes were all alive and there was a large sunflower a growing by the head of Mothers grave but it was a very lonesome day to me and I was glad to guet home
          Father was here last sonday they are all well they are all at home and guetting along as well as you can expect I think sarah is good enough for Jason but she has gone to a hard place She does as well as he can but I fear she will not be contented to stay long Jane has been sick but she is better
          Your things are picked up there under the woodshed yet they have not been disturebed I saw Mr Long the other day he asked me if heard anything from Dock I to him no he said he new where he was last winter an that he tought school But did know where he was now I did not ask him how he got his information but think he had it pretty strait
          Crops are good here especialy wheat we had 1 hundred and fifty bushels it is worth one dollar per bushel.
          I have got my wool all spun but 2 bunches the Children are well they went to school this summer the read in the second reader
          There is a considerable sickness here Joseph Boyer has been very low Cozin Sarah Casebier has lost her husband and child John crain is sick Mrs Beecher is very sick Lucus is complaining come but is at work my health is pretty good I wrote a letter to Aunt Delilah and received an answer they were all as well as usual [Lucy] Ann lives on their farm Frances lives in a vanwert Co Ohio she has two girls lost two boys Laura has a girl
          Uncle Simeon and Timithy have settled they gave him two hundred dollars and took grandpa back but he has failed very much so that he does not know but very little I want to see you and the children very much write as soon as you receive this

                    From your afectionate sister Nellie Crain
                                        To Celina Rowe

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