Nelly Crain
March 12, 1863
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  March 12th 1863

  Otsego Dear sister
I received yours of feb 26th and was glad to hear that you are all well but fear my letter has caused you more trouble than it has pleasure but you know better than I what is best for you to do it is the would be a great consolation to me to have you with me now jane is not near as well as when I last wrote and I dont know as she will ever be any better but if she dont live she will not have to see her father dragged off to war they are talking of making another draft soon and I guess they will keep on fighting till they kill off all the white men and send the nigers here to live with the women and children and I cant see what good it will do after all it very hard times here especially for us jany has been sick for six months and doctoring all the time and dont se any hopes of ever stopping we have paid some 20 dollars and supose we have 50 to pay and I dont know how much more Lute is about discouraged and I dont know as he is to blame for he has always worked hard for what little he has and now it must all go for nothing and his health is not very good sometimes I think if you were here you might cheer him up but we have got to take things as they come and we might as well do it patiently but I cant always do that but I wish I could goods of all kinds are very hig and produce also brings a good price I went to waterloo last week and bought me two dress patterns one calico and one black and white gingham for which I paid 7 dollars I shall be very choice of them for I expect they will be the last I shall ever guet I will send you some peaces if I ever guet them mad but dont know as I ever shall unless you come and make them for me but they are nothing extra if they aint made I shant wear them out calico is from 30 to 33cts and still rising factory 40cts denham 40 to 50cts coffee 3 shillings or six pence tea 1,79cts white wheat is 136cts per bu sheep are selling for five dollars per head cattle are low horses are on the rise but we have none to sell we have 21 sheep lute talks of selling 10 of them to pay the Bill but dont know he will or not I dont what I shall do this summer I want to work up ten flises of wool but my work is very much behind for I have done nothing but my housework fro six months I have ten pounds of rolls to spin I did not guet any spun only enough for lute a pairs of shirts and that arvilla spun she is going to be married this spring if her man aint drafted I should like to have some flax sowed if could spin it but dont know as we could guet any seed I dont see how you can spin without a whell would like to know how a corn shuck is made I would like to know whether you are comeing or not before we shear our sheep but that will be sometime yet but I dont wish to use you for you might not be conted here and then I should be to blame I have not sen any of the folks yet and dont know when I can for I cant leave jane Father was here yesterday I read your letter to him he said he would see them and about the children and if I find out anything I will let you know he said he had paid up Boyer and Holton that the notes you left with Boyer he could not collect and he had to pay the debt to redem his note Jasons folks were here last sonday they well but I fear they as he will be drafted sarah is very much worried about it the little office stor is there yet there is a taylor works there but he is koo and dont pay the rent we have had the warmest open winter I ever saw no sleig to speak of but we have had some cold weather in february there is not a very good prospect for sugar making it is to raw dry and windy we have tapped our trees three two weeks ago and made only 15 pounds I fear we shant make enough for our own use March 26 I commenced this about two weeks ago but laid it by and it seems almost impossible for me to finish it we have made about a hundred weight of sugar now it has been raining and storming all the week and everything looks dull and glomy for jany is guetting worse all the time she is blated worse than ever and I fear we shall never guet it down for medicines dont seem to have any affect and she is guetting tired of taking it and I dont see how she can take it atall but she is very anxious to guet well an she is very patient I cant see what a little child is aflicted so for it seems that she cant guet well nor die either but I think when the weather becomes settled there will be a change one way or the other god only knows which but I hope I shall be reconciled to my fate Jasons folks came here sonday and staved all night they are well Father and philly were here saturday they are all well the baby is agiel Mrs potter was here and made me a visit last week she is the same old sixpence only a little more eery she live in hamilton yet Phly is going to move on to the old place Old Riches folks have moved out near hillsdale Dr Carpenter keps the tavern Mrs Taylor is studying with Dr C for Physitian Mrs taylor will be confined soon there has been two deaths in hamilton Washington harry last week and Cornelias Gillet this week Louise Ray lives in town her husband is in the army Henry amidon is in the army he hired as a substitute George A has ben to war but he is so mean they wouldnt have him they tok him and old Judge Bender a george summeklot up for stealing Carpenters chickens bu George Amidon runaway George summeklot got bail they Put the judge in jail but some fool has bailed him out he drinks worse than ever his wife went away from and they say he went and shit in a newspaper and put it butry the children are all gone from home but the two youngest wiliam is dead I have told you all I know of hamilton but that aint much for I dont go there much for there is no one there I care much about I heard of a wedding the other day that surprised me and I think it will you it is Fredric Aldrich to Jane Beverly I went downd to mrs Beechers to guet jane a peace of Cheese you Cant think how Motherly she looks with thre little children calling her ma the youngest is 3 years old I would like to fill this shet but cant think of any more news Mrs renner was here to day she feels very lonely 3 of Boys are in the army Mother crain health is about as usual the boys are at home yet but I fear they will be drafted next time and if they should I dont think mother would live long gratia fee has another daughter they live on the old Clark place there by the Elias Aldrich place I cant think of anything more Jany send her love to you and the girls and would like to have them write to her but I fear you will never see her again
I want to see you more than I can tell And would like to have you heare but fear you would not be as healthy as you are there if jane dont guet well I would like to have Hatty but know you would not give her to me I want you to write as soon as you guet this and let me know what your calculations are you must excuse this for my mind is so confused tha I cant guet my thoughts together together enough to write or work I cant set myself to work if I try write son and often for it is a great satisfaction to me get a line from you no more at present

          From your affectionate sister Nellie Crain
                     to Celina Roe

© elf junction, ink.

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