Nelly Crain
August 29, [1884]
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  Hamilton August 29
          Dear sister and brother
I received letter to day am glad to hear that your husband is at home wish he could be here to help do this business think if he had been here last spring perhaps we would never got into that mess but it cant be helped now as I can see the sale of farm will be the 4th of september which will be next thursday and I dont expect he could guet here I dont know of any one that wants it now it was praised at 36 hundred we was offered that for it before it was appraised but french said we wouldnt take less than four thousand and we think it is worth that but it is running down and there is a good deal of risk to run if it is rented Lute thinks if we can guet what it is appraised at we have better let it sell for there will be expenses all the time Mother thinks some of building it of to save it but she dont want it but I think it would be not the best thing she can do for her children Emiline has come but her man is not with her she says her man likes colorado but they cant guet a nickle ahead and I supose Alice will come if they can guet money enough and they might all pay a little and have a place big enough to rest on we will try to guet thirty eight hundred for it but I dont expect we can I am glad you can furnish the money for the first payment providing it dont sell for Lute has let ted have all the money he had and they are in debt so that I didnt know what to so I did want lute to by the old place but he never will leave his old crick while he lives and I shall have to give it up was down last week it looked better to me than ever but I had to bid it fare well
I wish some of the family could live on it so that I could go there once in a while Tom would like to have it but lite says she wouldnt live there if they would give it to her she wants to live in town I think she will see the day that she will be glad for a place to lay her head the house and lots in hamilton were praised at 5 hundred and that is more than it will sell for they dont want it atall now and I dont expect it will sell atall the office was praised at one hundred I gues that wil fech what it was praised at I wish you and william could be here but I suppose it would cost more than it would come to
the terms of sale are 1 fourth down and the rest in thre annual payments secured by morgage notes

the town property is to be sold the 9 of september at angola court house and the farm at auction

Ps I forgot to tell you that Lite has a daughter

as ever your sister Nellie

I wish william was here to bid on it it but he Cant guet here

[fortune, found in letter]

Hope shall brighten day to come,
And memory gild the past

[reverse, in pencil] Arvilla N Crain

© elf junction, ink.

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