Nelly Crain
April 19, 1885
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  April 19  
  Hamilton Ind  
          Dear Sister  I received your letter one week ago was glad to hear from you but cant help feeling disappointed for I had anticipated on haveing a visit from you this spring and if many was well I would pack up and go and visit you she is old enough to leave now and I could leave just as well as not and I feel as though a change would do me good and as for lute I have give up all hopes of his ever going with me he dont want to do anything but work and wear himself out and it seems when I hear you tell of Making so much that we dont make anything he and ted are working himself into the ground as fast as they can traveling from here to the barn and then back up to teds place and we never know what time to guet a meal of vituals
Lute has been laid up the past week with a lame foot it welled and was very painful but it is better now but he cant wear his boot I guess it is rheumatis he has had lame back a good deal this winter and it changes around and I am so lame and helpless that I cant hardly guet into a buggy many Complains Just as Jany did she aint much sick but she haint any strength and she is tired and so thirsty all the time and so cold and pale I am afraid she will have the dropsy she has taken medicine every day this year and I dont see as she is improving much if any Many And I have been to hamilton to day to church we have a nice little black that we can hich up and drive ourselves I thought if you come out we could go around when we pleased Sarah and phill were at church Sarah and Billy are liveing alone once more and she says she enjoys it Bill is going to school
Ike has rented the getespy place and is going to farm his mothers also Phill is boarding at jo Sewels and sleeping in his old house he has not got it plastered yet he was here last sonday Por fellow he is lonely and I do feel sorry for him he dont have the money to handle that he used to and I gues it goes rather hard I wish he could had that house that he took so much pain to build but it want rite for him to put so much in it Rober Tirrim is staying there yet and we dont see any chance of selling I thin if phill could sell he would go away but he dont guet any chance to sell eddy is going to school this spring and seems quite interested in his study he did not go much this winter it was so alful cold and it is cold yet we have thre snow storms yet this month there is no plowing done yet and it is to cold to make soup or any thing else outdoor
you wanted me to write how Lizy is guetting a long she came out to here six weeks ago on a ???? a letter she had got from you she come on friday and took sick on sonday and had to stay thre weeks it was a cold an neuralagic in her head Poor thing she suffered with it and I am afraid it will always trouble her she ???? to have gone back the next thursday She had kept Lu away from john and thought she had got her about weaned from him She told me that if you had ever asked her bring Lu with her she would go and see you but she could not leave her she said she would sell if she could and go off somewhere to guet away from the matheures but before she went home she got a card from will that lu had ben and visited john twice and stayed A days at a time and left him to do his own cooking por thing she felt so bad she couldnt slep and started home the next morning I got a letter from her since she said she found an awful loking house for Lu health is so poor she cand work much
She says it dont seem as though she could run the farm any longer and will is tired of staying there and she has had so much trouble that she is nearly crazy it almost broke her up Idas dying as she did and she had not given her more I think any one is better off without any to worry about

Nellie Crain

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