Letters to
Jonas H. Roe
1863 & 1872


March 13, 1863 Celina Aldrich Roe
"... we discovered the fire on the prairie making for the fence before a heavy wind we all ran out expecting to whip it out but it was to hot for us and were compelled to back out in five minutes..."

April 1, 1863 Drusilla Roe Mosier
"... I heard once that you had got your legs shot off. I felt quite bad to think that you would be criple for life but now my sorrow is turned to joy I was very pleased to hear that you were enjoying good health..."

April 3, 1863 - Thomas Roe
"... I hope you may have your life Spared to see the day when all shall acknowledge the Supremacy of the Constitution and laws of the U.S. and peace be restored to our distracted Country..."

April 12, 1863 Celina Aldrich Roe
"... he told me your forty dollar horse died soon after you got him I am surprised you did not tell me about it I suppose you must be much in debt I told Price I expected to pay him all the rent due the next time you drawed pay but now I know I cant do it..."

July 19, 1863 Drusilla Roe Mosier
"... It now becomes my most painful necessity to inform you of the death of my Grandfather ... he was taken suddenly Ill on the 23rd of June and after a severe sickness of 12 days he died on the ninth day of July..."

July 19, 1863 Cyrus Mosier
"... My wife (your daughter) has requested me to drop a line in this letter to you..."

October 27, 1863 Cyrus Mosier
"... I married your Dau. Miss Drusilla L Roe on the 24th of May last which I believe now entitles me to call you 'Father' and I would have written to you ere this had circumstances not prevented..."

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March 19, 1868 Celina Aldrich Roe
"... We had been trying to raise the money for you Tucker says he cannot promise it under 10 or 12 days + is not certain to have it then John went to see Mr Eldred today he said he did not have it..."

March 24, 1868 Celina Aldrich Roe
"... The $175.00 note at the bank is due friday the interest is nearly $8.00 + when I go or send up to attend to that I will send you the PC order for 50 dollars + trust providence for more when that is gone..."

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March 11, 1872 Thomas Roe
"... You stated that you thought some of selling your farm and wished my opinion on the subject. Of course I can give no reliable opinion without knowing all the particulars of the case but I should think it unwise..."

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