Celina Aldrich Roe
March 19, [1868]

    March 19th
          I received your long looked for letter today but ig gave little satisfaction regarding your self perhaps you forgot that that we were thinking more about you than matters at home + greatly desire to knok what you think about your self whether improving or not + your silence on the subject gives me great reason to fear. I want to know if you sleep in a room by yourself I much rather you would room with some one than to be alone. we are all well here but Emmas least girl she is getting very poor + looks very bad Emma went back home yesterday. Henry's Cousin Zack Bolinghouse wanted to live in her house with her they have but one child + I am in hopes they will get along they stayed here three weeks + the children nearly run me crazy Hatty was here too most of the time they have traded off their property in Eureka + sold their pig + still in debt Charlie has his horses + wagon + that is all I know of they have rented Meads house. Mr Dunham has been having the line between us + him surveyed again + established it several rods this [side] of the hedge he says he will help move the hedge if I want it done if not he is going to plough it up soon I refuse to have anything to do with it perhaps you had better write to him Rich says he helped him chain through + they have got it right now. we have killed the hog + salted him down we could not sell him + I thought it was getting to late to keep him longer. the stear is not sold + John says you told him to stop feeding him corn I have been trying to have them feed him but he has lost some flesh. they finished harrowing in the oats monday. our wheat west of the house is all dead the rest looks well - I have sold 16 bu of Early rose 125 potatoes + that is all we shall have to sell I have paid Willard 11 dollars + am trying to get money enough to pay him off at the end of this month he goes home every saturday night + dont come back till after dark sunday + goes to all the parties he wanted a [horse] to go to Eureka yesterday + was quite mad because I would not let him have it the trip was to get some things for another dance we have but four young calves I think we shall have hay enough to do some of the cows look pretty bad. - I think we had better let Willard go + try to do without a hand for a while.
The Boys are in bed + fast asleep + I am getting cold so I will bid you good night regretting that I cannot know how you feel tonight. May the Lord direct us in all we do.
21st Friday night all well but Lilly she had a chill today Emma is here making her soap. she is writing to Alice We have been trying to raise the money for you Tucker says he cannot promise it under 10 or 12 days + is not certain to have it then John went to see Mr Eldred today he said he did not have it but he could write to his Brother to let you have it if we dont get it any other way I will go + see him myself or get Rich to we will will manage someway to send you some soon when I send it I will write again.
I want you to write oftener + tell us just how you are near as you can + if you dont get better dont stay there + starve to death I dont think of anything important to write so I will close hoping to hear from you soon dont wait for me but write every day or two for we are very anxious to know how you are getting.
Celina Roe

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