Celina Aldrich Roe
March 24, [1868]

  Tuesday March 24th
          I Rote you a letter + mailed it last saturday It was very warm + pleasant then but today is as cold as winter last night it snowed about an inch. I did not know how to raise any money for you + I got a chance to sell the year old steers + I let them go all but the match red ones I sold five to Mr Nickelson for $17.00 per head it was a small price but he said that was more then the common price + he [bought] others as good for less than that. I was obliged to have the money + did not know what else to do. The $175.00 note at the bank is due friday the interest is nearly $8.00 + when I go or send up to attend to that I will send you the PC order for 50 dollars + trust providence for more when that is gone. I have paid Willard 11 dollars + a half + friday night there will be due him 11 dollars + 55 cts I think I will pay him off + let him go. I can hire the man on Emma's place when we need a hand + sometimes we can do without. About that steer I could not make the price you put on him whether it was 30 or 35 dollars I told Rich to offer him to the Butcher for 30 dollars + he said he would be out to look at him but he has not come yet. The Taxes will have to be payed by the first of may + I dont know how much lover I will try to sell something to raise the money for that purpose I shall have a little left of what I have got which I will save as our hay is nearly out + the cold spell will put the grass back I dont know but I shall have to buy some. Emma has had a letter from Alice she is at his Mothers. We are all well at home but lilly she looks bad. I dont think of anything more to write that will interest you. when you write dont forget to state all the particulars about yourself for we are very anxious to hear how you are getting along dont fail to write soon as you get this. so I will close hoping to hear from you soon
Celina Roe

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