Thomas Roe
April 3, 1863

Dear brother   April 3rd 1863
                    I received a letter from you last Saturday stating that you was well which I was very glad to hear as I had not heard from you since last fall. We are well as usual who are at home we have but 2 of our children at home now Marge + Elias. Arminda was married last winter to Hyram C. Clark they live at Haynesville he keeps store he is a son of Jeptha Clark who lived there when you was in this Country Jacob still lives on his farm at Walpack Centre his health is not very good he complains of a complaint in the breast and Rheumatism so that he is not able to work much he has one child living a boy about 6 months old Halsey a son of Benjamins worked for Jacob this summer Benjm was here about the middle of March last he said his family were all well he still lives on the old homestead and gets along about as usual his family are now grown up so as to be able to help him some his oldest girl is married to a man by the name of Wilson from near Hamburg they have been married over a year James + Mills Vankirk's folks were all well so Benjm said when he was over Wm Roe lives at Grenichville and John + Edward live where they did when you were out last Uncle Jonas is in New Jersey now he was at our house a few weeks ago when he came out from Pa he was at Edward's the last I heard from him he looks very old he has lost his wife and 3 of his sons are in the Army of the Patomac whether he will remain in New Jersey or go back to Pa in the Spring I am not able to say Positively but he looks as though his life was drawing to a close he has already attained a greater age than the family of Roe have lived
I was extremely glad to hear from you as you are striving to vindicate the rights of our Common Country I hope you may have your life Spared to see the day when all shall acknowledge the Supremacy of the Constitution and laws of the U.S. and peace be restored to our distracted Country and that all loyal Citizens in every State in the Union may enjoy all their Constitutional rights without molestation. it appears to be the duty of the wise man to be prepared at all times to be prepared for any casualty that may happen that wether living or dieing we may be found endeavoring to do our duty to God and our fellow man. I am troubled some with the Rheumatism and find that old age is coming on my hair is nearly white but I feel as though I have been highly favored by Providence in this World to have my lot cast where it has been so far and hope it may continue to the end - write soon
Your ever affectionate brother
Thomas Roe

Jonas H. Roe
   5th Regiment Ill Cavalry
                    Company M
             Helena Arkansas

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