Drusilla Roe Mosier
April 1, 1863

Norrestown Inda April 1st 1863
Dear Father
                                   Very agreeably to my desire and in accordance with your request I now undertake to perform a task which I fear I will be unable to make commendable to myself or interesting to my corespondant. you cannot guess with what joy I received your kind, and unexpected letter I had given up all hopes of ever hearing from you again. I have written several times and have never received no answer I heard once that you had got your legs shot off. I felt quite bad to think that you would be criple for life but now my sorrow is turned to joy I was very pleased to hear that you were enjoying good health I have enjoyed the best of health this winter and so has Grandma and Grandpa I have went to school all winter. Aunt Ellen taught school this winter her school was out about a month ago and she has gone back to Ashland Co. on a visit her sister Elizabeth Fast (which is a widdow now) was out here and she went home with her. the weather is very pleasant overhead to day but it is very disagreeable underfoot the watters are very high now It is hard times here now altough we have pleanty to eat. cotton cloth is from 40 to 50 cts per yd we have come to a conclusion not to buy much of the article we can rase Flax and spin it. Grandma is spinning some now I think I can learn for I can spin wool as good as anybody I have a very good home and calculate to keep it unless I can do better and I am thinking that is impossible the war has taken all the young men off that is worth haveing I talk of waitting until the war is over and then have the General I think I will do pretty well to get him. you may come and live with me then if you like. I was eighteen about two weeks ago and Grandpa got me a new dress for a birthday present it was very pretty. I am agoing to send you my picture I had several taken I had a real pretty one that I was agoing to send to you it steped out some where I do not know who took it I always left them on the stand in the parlor. I wish you would get yours for me I wish you would not put it off so long you might get killed and then I would not have it Phila Potter is married she done very well in makeing her choice she got a pretty fine man It would realy please you if you could be here to hear Grandpa talk about the was see he is true blue and some to hear him talk will be on the oposite side of the question there is not so much said about the war now as for awhile back some seem to think that it will soon be over I for my part wish it would may the God of love look down from above and protect you from all harm is my prayer be a good soldier and never prove a traitor to your country I want you to write often it has been just six months since I received a letter from you if paper is scarse there I will send you enough in this letter to write to me again paper is just as cheap here as ever I have heard that it was 10 cts a sheat there but I must bid you good by and do not forget to write as soon as you get this look over all mistakes.
From your loveing Daughter
Drusilla Lovisa Roe
J. H. Roe

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