Celina Aldrich Roe
March 13, 1863
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    Sunday            March 13th   No 1st
    AD 1863

My Dear Husband
                     I have been thinking of you very much this pleasant Sabbath day + as I can have no other intercourse I will write a little though I sent you a letter last Friday. I am going to number my letters after this + then you will know if you receive them all + I would like to have you do the same I will commence with no 1. Emily is gone to Enderkines today The rest of the children are at home I went down to class this morning there was but few met there Margaret Allen + me were all the women Mr Wesley Fitch has got license to preach + delivers a discourse to us occasionally. I came home alone from meeting + have been reading the news the most of the day I dont see anything very encouraging but I still hope a kind Providence will interfere in our behalf. I sometimes think the reason why we dont have better success, is because we dont ask in faith the assistance of our God, + ascribe all the honors of success to the Officers and men. for this sin in one instance, was Moses deprived of entering the land of Canaan I hope you will always put your trust in the Lord for he alone is able to restore our peace - - -
Emily wrote you a few lines and sent in my last letter I am afraid you will think she is not improving much in spelling she wrote it in school + I did not see it or know what she was going to write I left my letter open till I passed the schoolhouse + she brought it out to me. Alice says she is going to write to you some day
I went + saw Price yesterday I told him I could not use all the ground he said I might have half of it for 15$ fifteen dollars. he also gave me liberty to move the fence of the pasture + make it smaller so I could build it up enough to keep my horse in I came home in high hopes + told the girls what a great pasture I was going to make - but alas! how soon our fortunes change I had not been home half an hour when we discovered the fire on the prairie making for the fence before a heavy wind we all run out expecting to whip it out but it was to hot for us + were compelled to back out in five minutes it was in the fence about the middle of the west side the rails were very dry + rotten + it made a nice fire burning everything clean around to the road at the north east corner + would soon have finished it if Mr Unkles + Boys had not come + extinguished it - - it would be a big job for me to have the rails + build it up again so I think I will have to do without the pasture. I think if I could trade John for a mare that would not jump I would be better off I was offered 52 dollars for him not long since - my pen is poor + it is getting late so I shall soon have to bid you goodnight - Mr Beach sent for that money by the mail, friday if it was at Clay City saturday we will get it on Tuesday you did not mention the expense I want to know if I am to pay it all or Margaret part - if the money comes Tuesday I will finish this + send it if not I keep it until Friday.
Tuesday morning before starting down to the Post Office I shall write a few lines to let you know that we are well at present + have had a few days of very pleasant weather yesterday I went + burnt a place + sowed my tobacco seed in the afternoon I went to Mrs yothers + bought a bu of potatoes for seed I paid 50 cts I am going to try some by laying them on the ground + covering with straw - I gave the Peachtrees to Enderkine + he has just come after them - we had a little frost last night it is very pleasant + warm now - no more this time write often at least every week
J H Roe                             Celina Roe

© elf junction, ink.

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