Jonas H. Roe
March 14, 1864
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[inverted] I will only draw pay up to the first of Jan 1864 -

    14th 1864
Dear Wife, Vicksburg  Miss. March
             I am truly thankful to the giver of all blessings for another privilliage of writing to you + informing you that my health is improving + I do enjoy myself as well as it could reasonably be expected - I am happy to state that the we are blessed with the best of Religious meetings we have a great revival here hundreds have joined the church we have a very good Preacher here. He is the Chaplin of the 4th Iowa Cav. Regiment. His name is Kilpatrick an Ep. Methodist. Our Regt the 19th Missouri 4th Iowa + eleventh Illinois belong to the same Brigade and are Located together. The Briggade is Commanded by Col. Winslow of the 4th Iowa he is a very good Officer. perhaps there are none better in the Cavalry service. We have built a large + convenient Meeting House (or Church) for the purpose of worshiping our God our Creator + our merciful preserver. It is truly happying to see those brave + patriotic souls who so nobly espoused the cause of their beloved country who left their nearest + dearest Earthly friends to offer themselves upon their countries alter to meet the enemies of their country + the enemies of humanity upon the deadly fields of battle. I say it is soul cheering to the true friend of man - to see those brave + Patriotic men striving to obtain an inheritance that is incorruptible + that fuedeth not away eternally in the Heavens an endless life of bliss that the right hand of God - We have warm + pleasant weather here now. The Peach Tress were out in full bloom the first of march - You stated that you had some notion of mooving off of that place. I want you to remain there until I return if I live. I expect to be home by the first of Sept at fartherest. perhaps I will get home in June. I want you to hire Mr Uncles or Mr John Fitch to Plough your land + Harrow + furrow it out for you to plant - Break up a large guarden spot whare your Guarden is than a strip from a little south of the barn north to the run + east on the run to the fence + a small piece by the smoke house and a piece in the south east part of the field, or in other words I want all of the best part of the land broken up well and planted in corn potatoes beans +c - I think I will be there in time to help you attend them William Henderson is here his health is not good he has been sick + in the Hospital most ever since he came here John Allen is well Our horses was branded with U.S. yesterday we expect pay for them when we receive our next payment which we are looking for daily. Buy more corn if you need it feed Old John + your milch cow well the young cattle will not require so good keeping. If your cow becomes poor she will not do you much good next summer + you need old John to work Consequently it is your interest to feed him well - I would be pleased to receive a Letter from Emily + Alice I am anxious to know if they are improving any in Penmanship. I hope Emily Alice John + Harriet are all attending school punctually and striving to learn. When you write again let me know if you think they are learning much + if they seem to love their studies -
On the 12th Those of our Regt who joined the veterins were paid off up to the first of February 1864. The balance of said Regt. are expecting their pay to morrow or next day if I get mine before the Veterins starts home on a Furlough I will send you Thirty five dollars but if they start before I receive pay I will send you inclosed in this all that I have five dollars + I will send you the balance soon after I receive it - A large scout has been sent west up Read River towards Texas they took provisions for thirty days scout we expect it to be successful - when it returns I will inform you of its success +c Our good meeting stills continues - A large amount of the cotton land in this vicinity is being farmed I think a considerable more of cotton will be raised + thrown in the market the coming year than there was the past - if so cotton goods will be lower - I think that the War will come to an end before next year this time. I think that the Union armies will overrun all of the Rebellious portions of the Country and effectively root out every vistage of Rebelldom within 12 months from to day. Consequently the Veterins will receive good pay for their services including their bounty + other monthly pay. Celina money did not tempt me any to go into the Veterins service - when my present term expires I will have served faithfully our beloved Country in the field 3 years which I conceive quite sufficient for a man of my age circumstances and family - so far I have never been in the Hospital it is true I have been sick a considerable of late. but doing my Illness I have attended to the duties of my position excepting while I was home on a Furlough. I am very thankful to the God of Hosts he has blessed + sustained me through all the trying seens through which I have passed I do now rejoice that I have a realizing sense that he will continue to bless me if I strive to worship him -
          Please write as soon as you Receive this I want to know if you received the money
          I am ever your true + affectionate Husband
                       To Mrs - C. Roe              J.H. Roe

[inverted] I sent home by John Allen to day Thirty five Dollars               J.H. Roe

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