Jonas H. Roe
January 3, 1864

No 12    
Dear Wife. Vicksburg Jan. 3rd
               I am happy to be able to inform you that I am still alive but I am sorry to say that I am not well but I think that I am not any worse than I have been for a long time I cough very much and am troubled some with the [Physic] I have no pain worth speaking off. I am doctoring + I hope that I am getting better - I intimated in my last Letter that there was a considerable of talk of Uncle Sam's appraising branding and paying us for our horses + equipments and taking them from us - The Appraisers have appraised our horses + horse equipments but the horses have not yet been Branded neither have we been paid for them + their equipments yet but I expect that they will soon be branded and paid for We will draw pay for the use of our Horses until they are paid for- My horse was a good one he was appraised to One Hundred and fifteen dollars and his equipments to twelve Dollars amounting all together to one hundred and twenty seven dollars I do not know how soon the Horse + equipments are paid for or whether I will get the Greenbacks or a Voucher on U. Sam for them as soon as I get the pay for them I will Express it to you - I am going to try now to collect pay the two Horses that I lost I have not doubt however of what I will collect it I am agoing to employ Col Hall Wilson to collect it he says that I can collect it. He is living + practicing Law at Springfield Ill. I will inform you from time to time of my success when collected I will Express it to you - We are looking for another payment when I receive mine I will express to you Forty five or Fifty Dollars
The Commissioned Officers of our Regt are using every effort to enlist men for the veteran service they will get about fifteen men out of our Company. As soon as our Horses are paid for we will receive no pay for them amounting to twelve dollars per month or forty Cents per day-
The health of this Regt is generally good not it has been very cold of late the ground freezes hard here + the winters are changeable + uncomfortable and I think unhealthy I would rather live farther north I think if my Life is spared and if my health will permit we will moove to Minisotta when I get home.
          Please write every week
                    Yours very affectionately
Celina Roe                              J.H. Roe

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