Jonas H. Roe
December 27, 1863

No 10 Sunday Dec 27th 1863
    Camp Clear Creek East of
Dear Wife.   Vicksburg 10 miles
          I am thankful to kind Providence for another privillage of conversing by this method with you. The military authorities are using all efforts in the Army to the recruit Veterin volunteers for three years U.S. service from date of Inlistment + From the Three years men who enlisted in 1861. Judging from present appearances I think that they will not succeed very well in recruiting from our Regt. This is an Independent Regt. and the men furnish their own Horses + horse Equipments and for the use of the same they receive forty cents per day besides their own pay thirteen dollars per month. In the Veterin Regt they will be obliged to ride government Horses + receive only their own pay thirteen Dollars per month and the bounty of Four Hundred + two Dollars. Supposing the veterin soldier will have to serve out his full term of Inlistment The privates whole pay per month is less than twenty five dollars per month or less than we now receive per month and we now get one hundred Dollars Bounty which will nearly furnish our Horse + Equipments And The Government now pays us for all horses killed in skirmishing or Battles + also all that are Captured by the Enemy and all that are lost whare they are crowded on Boats or drowned in Crossing bad streams or bad Bridges +c. Our old Col. Hall Wilson is now practicing Law at Springfield Ill. I am making arrangements for him to collect pay for the Horse + equipments Captured by the enemy from me in Ark Oct 22nd 1862 + also pay for the Horse Shot under me in the Battle of McCanicsburg June 5th 1863
          The Military Authorities are now engaged in appraising our Horses + equipments with the intention of branding our horses with U.S. for Uncle Sam for which he proposes to pay as the Appraised amount for our horse + equipments and pay us after this year only for our own services thirteen Dollars per month for privates. We all protest against the Government braking the Contract with us. And do yet believe that the proposed Branding of Horses will never be carried out in this Regt. only is such cases whare they reinlist in the Veterin Regt. I for one will not reinlist again at all on no conditions. My horse is a good one + will be appraised to about one hundred Dollars + if U. Sam brands him + takes him I will send home the money as soon as I receive it. of course I will object to selling him. but if the government takes him I will be obliged to submit.
Cristmas is was in Camp and enjoyed myself as well as I could I bought a can of Peaches for Christmas I paid 75c for it I hope you and the Children enjoyed yourselves will on Christmas Emily + Alice I want you to write to me + tell me if John + Harriet are learning fast and if they are good Scholars in School or not and if you and they like your Teacher +c.
 Celina Please write soon + write the particulars as soon as you Can well I want you to buy about fifteen or twenty bushels of corn. I am troubled with a cough but am otherwise well -

            I am as ever your affectionate Husband

           Celina Roe                                    J.H. Roe

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