Jonas H. Roe
April 19, 1864
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    19th 1864
Dear beloved Wife Black River Station April
               I am at all times anxious to see + converse with you + my dear and much beloved children but circumstances are such I am deprived of that blessed privilage But if I am thus deprived, I still feel thankful to our Heavenly Father for the privilage of corrisponding with you. I am happy to inform you that my health is again good + every thing is as pleasant + as prosperous as could be expected with me my only trouble is in thinking upon you + my dear Children. I am constantly fearful that disease will claim some of you. I have not recd any Letters from you since the one written by you dated March 10th I do not know any reason why. I would enjoy myself much better if I could Receive a letter from you weekly I will however strive to content myself as well as I can knowing that all we have + are is in the hands of a merciful and omnicient Creator that in all of his chastisements his darling attribute is mercy That if we love serve + keep the Commandments of Jehovah we will enjoy a foretaste of Heaven upon Earth; And will be prepared to meet the grim messenger of Death with joy + not with grief - That we can truly + sincerely say or exclaim in our diing moments come come! welcome Death through ends of fears I am prepared to die -
Celina. The flowers + the leaves of the Trees are pretty well out now the forest looks green + many farmers are striving to cultivate Cotton + the Rebels are striving to thwart them in their efforts by killing them + their colored hands + stealing their mules +c. And they have been somewhat successful. They have killed many of the Planters + their Negros + have stolen many mules. The Rebels generally murder the Blacks when they happen to fall into their hands. They do also murder the Cotton Planters when they get them a few days ago they took a man near here who was engaged in Cotton raising they made him dig his own grave than they shot him + put him in it and covered him up - They took one man by the name of Rose a steward in our Hospital prisoner + cut both of his ears off close to his head - The Rebels are more savage + ferocious than the most barbarous savages + I am fully satisfied that a large proportion of those blood thirsty + murderous witches will have to be exterminated they are unfit to live.
Please write often. Yours Affectionately
                                       C. Roe                          J.H. Roe

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