Jonas H. Roe
May 10, 1864

Dear Wife + Children Vicksburg May 10th 1864
                               Through the goodness of our Heavenly Father I am permitted this morning to address you + I am truly pleased to be able to inform you that my health is good. as my health has been so poor so long I think that I am now prepared to properly appreciate good health it is certainly the most desirable of all Earthly blessings + we should at all times be cafful as we can + not unnecessarily expose ourselves. I received a Letter from you yesterday the ninth dated the 22 of April and numbered the 20th by it I received the joyful intelligence that you were all well you also stated that you bought three sheep + two lambs of Aunt Jiny Blakely as she is generally for which you paid thirteen Dollars. I hope you will have good luck with them By salting your stock well I think you will have good luck with them You informed me that your Horse and cattle are living I was fearful that you would loose some of them doing the winter as forage was so high + scarse The Veterans returned to the Regiment on the seventh instant they seemed to enjoy themselves and John Allen said that he lost his cow + yearling Press Loyed said that he saw you just before he started back + you were well + doing well to all appearances. When they came down they brought down the Mail which had been stored away at Springfield Ill. it contained three Letters for me from you. We are now within the lines at Vicksburg. Our Regiment that was left here went out on a ten days scout on the third of the month the whole scout numbered about eight or ten thousand they have had some fighting they sent in day before yesterday about one [hundred] Prisoners Jessup commands the Co in the field I was left in to take care of the Co while he is abscent I am the only Sergent in Co. M since the Veterans went home consequently I have to attend the duties of the Orderly + most of the time I have had the whole command of the Company Capt Jessup had command of the Regiment The health of the Regt is now very good. Emily + Alice I am thankful to you for the Letters you sent me write again and send them in mothers Letter you did not mention John's and Harriet's name I want to know they are getting along if they grow much and if they are good children + if they learn much I do not know how soon I will get home but I expect to go home in Augt or Sept if alive and can get there. Strive + raise all the produce that you can without laboring too hard -
          Please write often
          Celina + my dear children I now bid you an affectionate farewell hoping to hear from you all soon + I do also hope to see you soon
Celina Roe                                                  J.H. Roe
          Emily Alice John + Harriet Roe

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