Jonas H. Roe
July 22, 1864
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[in pencil] I enlisted the 20 of September 1861 the 20 of Sept next if not before I will I think be mustered out of service at Springfield Ill - I will soon be home if nothing happens

    Vicksburg Miss

Dear Celina   July 22nd 1864
                                     By the goodness of God I am again blessed another opportunity of Writing to my much beloved Family and I am truly thankful to be able to inform you that I am in the enjoyment of excellent health. That the great I AM (By whose Infinite wisdom all things both in Heaven and upon Earth were Created and through whose Infinite goodness we have been shielded and protected up to the present time) art now blessing me both Physically and Spiritually I desire to become perfectly reconciled to all his dispensations realizing that he is the Author and Creator of all things Infinite + perfect in all of his attributes Your Letter of the twelfth has been received it was truly delightful to hear from our dearest Earthly friends to hear that they are in the possession of good health Celina you stated that the prospects of the termination of this great wreched and unholy Rebellion was very uncertain that our beloved Country is envelloped in Sin and morral darkness and that You wished me now to state my opinion in reference to the continuation and final results of this gygantic Rebellion Well Celina As it reguards the length of time that it will yet take to put it down is beyond the comprehension of finite minds to comprehend we have no means of arriving at any definite conclusion in that respect But Celina I have the same faith and confidence as I had when I entered the United States service that we through the assistance of a Almightly God will eventually crush this Rebellion. That the nation or in other words the Inhabitants thereof are now viewing their chastisements of the countless sins of Slavery My Heart beats with extatic joys when I reflect and fully realize that four millions of Slaves have been liberated from the worst system of Slavery that ever existed The Blacks make the best of soldiers they exhibit no symptoms of cowardice whatever on the last scouts in the vicinity of Jackson and Grand Gulf when our forces and the Rebs came into collision and the blacks was ordered to charge the enemy they done so with the ferosity of Tigers They asked no quarter and Celina they gave none At Grand Gulf The Rebs made an attack upon our guard And a Black Brigade of ours was laying in ambush close by the Pickets. They were ordered to charge the Rebs there were about five hund Rebs and the Blacks charged them with the greatest ferosity killing all that they could catch. I think those Rebs will never make another attack upon our guards in the night We have about one hundred thousand Blacks now in the service they are thoroughly drilled and they are continually coming before the close of this year I think we will have an other hundred thousand They take ask no quarter + they give no quarter. I guess the Rebs will forever regret their wicked + murders deeds at Fort Pillows
May the God of Heaven bless our people and universal peace again pervade our Country -
          Please write soon
          I am yours Affectionately
                Celina Roe                  J.H. Roe

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