Jonas H. Roe
August 16, 1864

                    The last Letter that I wrote before this was dated Aug 6th
    16th 1864
Dear Wife. Vicksburg Miss Aug.
               I am very thankful to the giver of all good this morning for an other privilliage of writing to you and letting you know that I am in the enjoyment of good health. It is tolerably sickly here now but I know of no person here now that you know that is sick my health this summer has been generally good this summer. We Got Horses last week and are Remounted again but we are still holding these Fortifications. But I do not think this Regiment will remain here much longer I think it will take the field again as soon as the Col. returns from Illinois I expect an Expedition will be organized here that will go to Selma + Montgomery in Alabama in September + October next but I do not expect to accompany the Expedition My time of Inlistment will expire the 20th of Sept. and I will then be mustered out of the service if I am not mustered out before I am Expecting to be mustered out in Company D the 13th of Sept. Captain Wilson of Co. D has been ordered to have all of his mustering out Rolls and papers ready and that he will muster out the Company at Vicksburg on the 12th of Sept. then I expect to be mustered out. then You can I think be safe to look for me any time after the 20th of Sept I expect to get home if a live + well sometime between the 20th + 30th of September Agents from Massachusetts + New York are here trying to Enlist Reffugees + Negros into the U. S. Service to fill the cotas of their respective States They offer six hundred + twenty five Dollars Bounty for either Black or white volunteers + give the volunteers the Choice of Regiments or Branch whether Infantry Artillery or Cavalry they pay down the first payment two Hundred + fifty Dollars and the balance in different payments one every six months doing the three years service. Celina I am still confident that this crule Rebellion will finally be honorably put down and that to before the end of an other year and I can do well here if I would enlist again But I have formed a resolution to go home as soon as I can get there after I am mustered out and if I do any more fighting I will do it in the State of Ill. I am glad that I inlisted when I did for now I have done My duty + my conscience is satisfied. Please write often
I am yours very affectionately
C. Roe                                       J.H. Roe

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