Jonas H. Roe
August 29, 1864
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My last Letter that I wrote to you before this was dated the 16th of Aug. I put my last stamp on this letter + I have no money__

Dear Wife Vicksburg Aug 29th /64
                         I am thankful All Mighty God for another opportunity of writing to you and my much beloved children + I am also thankful to be able to state that I am in possession of reasonable good health It is very warm here + the heat is oppressive + of course I do not feel so vigirous as I probably would if it was cooler. I Recd yesterday the 28th your Letter dated Aug 20th The last letter of yours before that I received was dated I think the 2nd of Aug it was 18 days between the Letters I wish you to write punctually every week + write all the particulars Celina you stated that you was fearful that I would not be discharged by the 20th of Sept -
I am also somewhat doubtful Co. A of our Regt. was mustered out a few days ago But Co. Bs time expired the 27th Just and the Mustering Officer has not mustered it out yet his reason for not mustering them out is because its papers have not been kept right + I know that the Papers of Co (M) is wrong + there is no telling when it will be mustered out I am in hopes myself that I will be mustered out under Co Ds organization I was mustered into the U States service in Co D + received pay in it from the 13th of Sept 1861 to the 31 day of Dec. following when I was transfered to Co (M) our Capt has promised to give me a Description Roll + I do intend to get mustered out when Co. D is + I think it will be mustered out between now + the 25 of Sept at fartherest If I do not succede in getting mustered out under Co Ds organization I can not make any calculation when I will be mustered out. I will get out as soon as I can Legally however. But if I am kept in until I was mustered into the U. S. service It will not be a great while I was mustered into the U. S. service on the 8th day of Dec. 1861 - I think if I live and keep my health - I will get home sometime in Sept or October at the fartherest   Celina The best plan for you is to make to no difinite calculations when I will be home for none but God knows. I want you to write often once every week I have Recd no pay since I sent that home + I do not know when I will get any On the 31st of Aug we will muster again for pay we will then have 4 months due If I am paid again before I am mustered out I will Express it to you. If Mr. Blakely teaches school I want you to send all the children every day I am sorry that they have no better Opportunities to acquire knowledge Tell the children that I will be home as soon as possible. The fense around the cornfield is so poor I am fearful that the Hogs + cattle will destroy the Corn Fix the fense as well as you can and watch the Corn. Corn will be high. You had better put up a hog soon as the corn gets into good roasting ears + feed him all that he will eat of corn stocks + all - he will eat a good eal of the green stock + feed the others enough to keep them a growing + to keep them home as soon as you can get one fat enough for good meat Kill it + eat it up
          I am Yours most Affectionately
                     Celina Roe                           J.H. Roe



Mrs Celina Roe
Steuben Co

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