Jonas H. Roe
September 24, 1863
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Dear Wife,   Cairo Ill
  Sept 24th   10 ok AM
I arrived here this morning about 8 I have seen the Provs. Marshal all is right it made no difference about me having my Furlough my health is good -
Gens Rosencrants + Brag have had a desperate Battle 30 miles south of Chattanooga in Georgia the Battle was faught last Saturday + Sunday Brags Army is very large 2 army corps of Gen. Lees Army was there also Gen Johnsons Army Buckners + Curbys Smiths Rosencrants held his position although vastly outnumbered Reinforcements are being sent to Rosencrants on a large scale Gen Burnside has already got to his relief a portion of Grants army is going as fast as possible. He will come out first best without doubt the fatality on both sides have been great Brags Army was reported to amount to 140,000 - 140 thousand. Our Army under Gens Steel + Davison have taken Little Rock Ark. The Rebels conlisted every inch of soil for 5 miles but they were roughted thoroughly The Rebels retreated towards Red River I think our Reg is on Black River 20 miles west of Vicksburg whare it was when I left please answer this directly send your Letter to Vicksburg Miss -

I wrote this because I thought that you would be uneasy about me as I had lost my Furlough.
                                         Yours in love
Celina Roe                                         J.H. Roe

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