Jonas H. Roe
July 23, 1863
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    July 23rd 1863
My Dear Wife,   Springdale Church
               Through the blessings of a merciful God I am permitted again to address you for which I am truly thankful. It has been a long time since I last heard from my beloved family. Your last Letter that has come to hand was dated the 30th of June 23 days is a long time not to hear from home doing the time it has been my misfortune to be sick I have had a long turn of the Bilious Diarhea with some chills the same as I was last fall at Helena when Entirkine was there I am sometimes better + sometimes worse again I am now some better again I thought that I would get a Furlough + come home if I could get one I consequently applied for one The Commander said that he had no authority to grant any without the Regimental Surgeon Certificate stating the my disease was of such a character that he thought it impossible for me to recovery my health if I remained here. I would not ask the Surgeon for such a Certificate I think that perhaps by the time I draw my next payment I will be able to get a Furlough if so I will go + see you. Do not make any calculations about seeing me soon than you will not be disappointed. I am very anxious to see you + all of the children again soon but I know not what futurity will bring forth wether it will be my happy lot to see my dear family in time upon the shores of mortallity again or not -
Wheather we are ever permitted again to meet upon the shores of Mortallity or not I hope + pray that we may ever live in such a way + manner as to receive the approbation of our Heavenly Father - and finely meet + join each other in that celestial clime whare true happiness + extatic Joy ever abound - whare Rebellious traitors discords and wars are never known - Our Army are just coming in from Jackson. The Rebel Joe Johnson escaped by crossing Pearl River in the night Grant had him surrounded on all sides but the River they had some hard fighting but the Rebels were whiped every time we took from two to three thousand prisoners all together among the prisoners taken were ten of those that we at parolled at Vicksburg they were hung
We are going to day out to our Reg in the vicinity of Big Black River on Picket guard a large part of Grants Army are being sent up the River part to Memphis + part to Cincinatti Ohio. I do not know whether we will remain here or not but I hope to go up the River. This climate is to warm for me Figs + Peaches are getting ripe write a letter every week do not fail send it to Vicksburg Miss. to be forwarded to the 5th Ill. Cav. Reg of Vol. Co. M. I am anxious to know if you have got the last thirty dollars that I sent to you. Kiss my dear children for me tell them that I wish to go + see them soon. Give my love + best Respects to Jos Entirkine + family + all other friends (John Allen is well)
C. Roe I am your loving husband J.H. Roe

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