Jonas H. Roe
September 26, 1863
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    No. 2
Dear Celina Memphis Sept 26th 1863
               I am happy to inform you that I have arrived safely at this place with good health and good spirits -- I saw Judge Samuel Wilson at Cairo on the 23rd he was on his road home by him I learned that our Rigiment was still remaining in Camp in the same place that I left it on the 8th of last august I wrote to you at Cairo The Letter you doubtly will have received before this comes to hand I stated in it that Gen Rosencrants + Gen Brag faught a very hard Battle a short distance south of Chattanooga on the 19th + 20th Sept the killed + wounded on both sides was very large Brags Army had received reinforcements until it is reported to have numbered 140 thousand They were consentrated + hurled on Rosencrants Army Burnsides Army was 60 miles east at the time Consequently Rosencrants could not receive any assistance from him The Rebels evently intended to overpower + crush Rosencrants before Gen Burnsides could come to his relief But according to all reports both Northern + Southern, Rosencrants's men stood as firm + as immovable by the hords of Rebels as the granate Rock after the two days hard Battle was over + he had properly disposed of the dead + wounded he retreated back to Chattanooga to wait for Burnsides Army the last news brought from his Army is that Burnsides had formed a junction + would soon be ready to advance Gen Mede was ordered to advance on on Gen Lee we may look confidently for exciting news from all portions of the vast Army Little Rock is surely in our posession + the Federal Army under Gens Steel + Davison are driving the Rebels under Gen Price +c towards Arcadelphia near Red River A large No of Steamboats have been sent down to Vicksburgh after soldiers to go to the assistance of Rosencrants I do no know wether our Regiment will be sent or not and I do not care I am perfectly willing to use the powers that God has given me to assist to drive back to the last ditch those blackhearted Traitors Be of good Cheer Gen Rosencrants + his brave Officers + men will act their parts nobly upon the stage of human action under the smiles + blessings of Almighty God the down trodden + suffering Union men of Eastern Tenn + northern Georgia + Alabama will be relieved + the Old Spangled Banner will wave with triumph over that portion of Uncle Sam's dominions. We are laying here at the soldiers home waiting for an opportunity to go down the River we expect to leave to night we have free board here. I should not have written from here but a good opportunity was offered free of Charge Paper pen Ink Plants invelops +c free + I thought you would like to know whare are Rig- was +c - Let Mr Entirkin see this Letter
Please write soon -- Mr. Entirkin please write + inform me how the Copperheads succeeded at Fairfield +c also if you intend to go in the Army under Nathan Crews +c
Direct to J.H. Roe
                                         Miss --
               5th Rig Ill. Cav
               Co M
[inverted -- Geo Thomas knew me as soon as he saw me I doctored through a severe illness about 15 years ago]
Celina you had better go and git that wheat from James Price directly for sixty five cts per bushel. I inquired the price of wheat at Clay City it was 65 cts per bushel it will probably raise I saw Geo. Thomas yesterday from Newville DeKalb Co. Ind. he has been home on a Furlough he said that wheat was selling there for one dollar and one dollar + five cents per Bushel he also said that he heard that John Barber was dead that he died last spring.
             I am as ever your affectionate husband
Celina Roe                                    J.H. Roe

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