Jonas H. Roe
May 27, 1863
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    27th 1863
Dear Sir Pocahontas Ark. May
                    I was through the goodness of God favored this morning with a letter from you. By it I learned that you and your family were [from the time of it as] well. You spoke of those killed and asked of Captain Winston in the Great Pitsburgh Battle of Tennessee. It seems to me that Captain Wms Company must have fought in the hottest part of the battle or there would not have been so many killed. I got intelligences of the battle soon after the battle was faught. I knew perhaps as soon as you did the result of the battle and the names of those killed and wounded of Wayne Co. I think that our Regiment came very near going to Nashville Tennessee. We received orders to march to Nashville Tennessee and before the time arrived for us to start the orders were contramanded and we were ordered to Pilot Knob 83 miles south St. Louis in Washington Co. from there we were ordered to Greenville Wayne Co. from there to Doniphan in Ripley Co. from there to Pocahontas Randolph county. The distance from Pocahontas to St Louis is about one hundred and twenty five dollars miles. When we started from St Louis we expected there a fight with the secess at the Nobb but When we got there the enemy were going south to Greenville and we followed them up and when we got there they were gone to Rivers Station South west and we followed after them when we got there the enemy had left for Doniphan we followed them up to Doniphan and they were trying to get away from there but they concluded to give us battle. After they had got safely across the Current River just west of the ... when we rode up to it ... they fired upon us and we returned the fire. they soon broke and run without hitting any one of us. We killed one officer + took several prisoners and a considerable of property. They retreated down to Pocahontas whare it was said there were eight or ten thousand good disciplined rebble troops. Our Gen Steel by name concluded that he would moove down his division amounting all together to from 10 to 13 thousand good troops with 18 cannon before we got here the enemy had left the place - We have scouted the country well and we can not find any enemy all that live here now profess to be good union men Gen Steel is under Gen Curtis. Curtis whole army amounts to some thirty thousand and Gov. Rector of Arkansas has surrendered the State into the hands of Gen Curtis and I think there will be no more fighting in the state and that we will be discharged soon I expect to be at home certainly by this 4th of July My health is good John Allen & Enterkine are also well please see that my corn is attended to well
     Tell Celina that I am well + doing well my horse looks fine Please write soon
                    Yours Respectfully
Daniel Spitter                          J.H. Roe

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