Jonas H. Roe
May 21, 1863
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  Helena Arkansas May 21st
Dear Celina.    
          I feel thankful to our heavenly Father for another opportunity to inform you and my Dear Children that your husband + their affectionate Father is alive + well and surrounded by many of the Earthly blessings that conduce to human happiness whilst sojorning here. Although I am deprived of the companionship + society of my dearest Earthly friends for so long a time You are ever upon my mind when awake and I hope + trust that the mercies + blessing of God will protect shield and direct you in the paths of peace + happiness while you stay upon Earth and finally to the Elysian fields of immortal joys in Heaven
nothing has transpired here worth mentioning since I last my wrote I received last sunday a Letter from you stating that you had received the money +c that I sent you. You also stated about your stock it seems that you have embarked largely in the raising of chickens I hope that you will continue to mention how your stock is doing and how your guarden truck looks + how your corn flax + cotton grows +c Mention how Emily Alice John + Hatty are getting along + if they like to work + if they go to Sabbath school +c Tell Emily + Alice to write to me often + put their Letters in yours - I stated in my last Letter that Our Regiment was under marching orders to Memphis Tennessee We have not mooved yet + I think that the order has been contramanded. Celina We have plenty to eat such as it is Viz Flour Meal hard Bread Bacon Salt Pork fresh Beef Coffee Tea Sugar Rice Peas Beans Homany +c - I have for my occupation the drawing of our provisions since I became Comisassary Sergent I do not have to stand guard any I have the best + easist officer below a Liutenant I draw provisions once every tuesdays + between time I have nothing much to do when they take long scouts I go long to draw the provisions I am well sattisfied with it My horse is doing well I hope to be able to send you at least Forty Dollars when I draw again.
Celina do not hesitate to hire enough with your own labor to work your Corn + Tobacco well do not put off Plowing it to long There has been much hard fighting at Vicksburg within the last 15 days our boys whipped the Rebels in every battle We have taken + now occupy Jackson the Capital of Mississippi + have Vicksburgh surrounded It seems that Gen Hooker on the Rhappihanick in Virginia was repulsed - I want you to take the Missouri Democrat paper another year try + find out when the year Expires + send the Editor pay for another year I want you + the children to read them well Give my love + best Respects to Entirkine + family + all other friends write every week
J Allen is well
                    I am your loving husband
                    Celina Roe           J.H. Roe

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