Jonas H. Roe
June 3, 1863
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Hainsbluff   June 3rd 1863
Dear Celina  I take this opportunity to inform you that I + John Allen are well + hope this will find you also well. We left Helena May 30th + came down within sight of Vicksburg which is now invested by our trupes + we are constantly bomb shelling it the cannonading is terrifick Hainsbluff is about 15 miles North of Vicksburg on the Azoo River we have taken this strong hold of Rebeldom we will leave here about 12 thousand strong for Azoo City 60 miles accompanied by some Gun Boats I want you to continue to write often and Direct your Letters to Vicksburg instead of Helena. We are constantly looking for large Rebel reinforcements + a large Fight soon expected. Gen Grants forces here have gained every Battle so far there has been five or six Battles faught in this vicinity one at Grand Gulf one at Port Gibson one at Raimond one at Jackson the Capital Mississippi one at Baker Creek or Black River Bridge + the storming + the takin of Hainsbluff + all the outher Fortifications of Vicksburg we have taken about 10 thousand Prisoners altogether there has been an awful sight killed + wounded on both sides but the Rebels have lost the most. Our Army is very strong and of good cheer and I think our army will be crowned with good success I believe it to be a just + righteous cause + the God of Heaven will bless us. Kiss my dear children for me + tell them if God blesses me that I will return to see you all again after a while. Try + enjoy yourselves as well as you can. We are satisfied with our lots + are perfectly willing to me our Enemies on the Fields of Mortal strife I will write again as soon as convenient. Give my best respects to all of our friends -
I am as ever your affectionate Husband
Celina Roe                                J.H. Roe

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