Jonas H. Roe
June 9, 1863
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"At the dead of night a sweet vision I say / And thrice e'er the morning I dreamt it again / But sorrow return'd with the dawning of morn, / And the voice in my dreaming ear melted away."

June 9th 1863

Bluff on the Yazoo River
Camp area Haynes

Dear Wife,
          I am thankful this morning to inform you that my health is good. I wrote a Letter to you on the 3 of June at Haynes Bluff + informed you that we had left Helena Ark + had arrived here in the vicinity of Vicksburg. We left Helena on the 30th of May. I expressed to you that day a Box directed to you at Clay City. The Box contained 2 overcoats 2 Ponchoes 3 coats one pair of Pants. 1 Ponchoe + overcoat belongs to John Allen. his name is on them the ballance is mine. You will have to pay the Expressing when you get the Box. Margaret is to pay half of it. (I have not yet got your Likeness but I think I will get it.) By inquiring you will soon be able to send after it. Give the person who goes after it an order to get it - Write the order in this form first date it Mr Express Agent of Adams. Express Co. of Clay City Clay Co. Ill Sir. please send let the Bearer (mention his name) have the Box now in your possession directed + sent to me By Jonas H. Roe from Helena Ark                     Celina Roe

Celina as I mentioned in the other Letter we left on a March for McCanicksburg on the 3rd with the expectation fighting the Rebels who were concentrated there in large numbers. The Infantry + Artillary whent up the Yazoo River accompanied by 2 gunboats in the forenoon of the fourth the Battle commenced by shelling the Place by our Gunboats the enemy had seven Cannon which they used as they retreated When we came up to the Place we were ordered to Charge the Cannon + it fell upon Co M to lead the Charge + a braver or more successful Charge was never made We ran them about 3 miles took some 50 prisoners about the same number of horses our company 3 men wounded none killed 2 of them was wounded very bad One was shot through the upper part of his right thigh + one was shot through his left side and one was glanced on the side of the head. Co. K had one man killed dead + one Badly wounded. We had several horses wounded + 2 of them killed dead. I had my horse shot dead. the Ball whent through him within an in or two of my thigh he fell so suddenly he fell on my right leg + I had a difficult job to get out from under him. I finally Pulled my foot out of my Boot. I was constantly in the hottest of the action. The leaden balls passed through the air like hail stones in a hailstorm. The Enemy are close to our lines + a large Battle soon expected. We took McCanicsburg + destroyed every thing of value including Dwelling + Mills + everything else of value. We staid at McCanicksburg 2 nights + one day + returned here again. I have a Rebel horse.
          I am your loving husband
Write soon                                         J.H. Roe
I got your letter of May 25th      Celina Roe

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