Jonas H. Roe
June 17, 1863
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    No 12
Dear Wife   June 17th 1863
Haynes Bluff Yazoo River Mississippi
I have not received any Letter from you for some time - Yours of No 11 was the last dated the 2nd of June. I wrote to you on the 8th just immediately after we returned from Sartartea + MacCanicsburg + informed you in it of our fight there + of my horse being shot under me +c We were when I wrote before + we are now also looking for a large Battle with the Rebels here. The Rebel Fortifications at Vicksburg are very strong our forces are counter fortifying + are constantly fighting the Rebels who are doing all that they can to hold their positions but they are sure to be obliged to surrender unconditionally sooner or later. Gen Jos. Johnson is said to have a large force East of the Big Black River + we are looking for an attack from him + Gen Bragg combined. We are well Fortified + are Fortifying continually + we have plenty of men + four or five hundred cannon + we can + will whip the combined armies of the south if they will give us fight by attacking us in our Fortifications here Old Gen Kimble of Ind. is our present commander he is an old + well tried U. States Officer. A few day after we came down here our sick + wounded amounted to some five thousand was en camped a short distance North of Vicksburg on the west side of the Mississippi River. They were guarded by Black soldiers. The Rebel Gen Price whent down to surprise + take in the Negros but the Negros was on the lookout the Rebels got the advantage of the Negros at first but the Negro rallied and defeated the Rebels with great slaughter. This is a hilly country it is warm black berries are getting ripe they are very plenty Peaches will also be plenty water is good + the soldiers are generally healthy John Allens health is good. When we was charging the Enemy at McCanicsburg on the 5th his horse fell down on him + hurt him considerable he has recovered Capt Jessup was also sick then + Luet. Sam Burrel led Co. M in the Charge we were in the advance the wounded of our Company are all on the mend please write every week Direct your Letters to Hains Bluff near Vicksburg Mississippi I am thankful to God - to be able to say that my health is good You need not send me your Likeness. I can not carry any thing we are nearly all of the time on a moove. The 18 and 40 Inft. Reg. are here. Tell Emily Alice John & Hatty that I have not forgotten them I think of you all daily be good love + serve God + you will be happy here + in eternity. I hope to see you all again in time But if I am not privillaged to see you all again in time I hope to meet you all in Heaven
  farewell - farewell Celina Roe J.H. Roe

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