Jonas H. Roe
March 26, 1863
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[inverted] N.B. my health is good
    No 1st
    March 26th 1863
My Dear Wife,   Helena Ark.
                    I am truly thankful this afternoon to the giver of all good for another opportunity of informing you that I received this morning you Letter dated the 20th just. I assure you that I feel greatful to the Author of the same for the privillage of again hearing from my dearest connexions upon Earth to learn that you and my dear children are well and Comparitively speaking contented + happy is ever the source of the greatest satisfaction to me. Would to God that contentment and unsullied joys + happiness would ever be your lots doing your stay upon Earth. And extatic Joys and and Eternal peace will be yours in vast + endless eternity
Celina I stated in my last Letter dated March 19th 1863 that we were going to start on a scout on the morning of the 20th + when I returned if I was so fortunate as to return I would write immediately as soon as I could get an opportunity and give you the result of said Scout About 1 oclock in the morning of the 20th about 3 thousand Cavalry with two small Cannon took their line of march North west towards Cotton Plant the place the Battle was faught on our journey down here on the 6th day of July 1862 - about 25 miles out we stoped to feed our horses and eat dinner while eating a Company of secess - Numbering about 60 charged upon our Picket guard who were prepared for them when the secess come in range of their guns they fired upon them killing the Captain dead. The secess fired + retreated they did not hit any of our men they were to far off for their Shot guns they use double barrelled Shot guns altogether in a few minutes the secess made + other charge but the guard was ready for them + again fired upon them wounding two of them and killing one of their horses the seccess fired + retreated as before with the same success as before our boys took the two wounded men prisoners. The secess Captain had been hit 9 times in all he recd 7 balls in the fight at Pitsburgh landing whare John Spittler was killed + he received one shot from us in a skirmish last fall the 9th time the Ball past through his Heart poor fillow he was a hero but he lost his life fighting against the best government upon Earth.
          You wanted me to state who should pay the Express expenses or charges on the money that I + John sent to you + Margaret You + Margaret are each to pay your parts in proportion to the amount that you received for instance it costs 45cts you will have 10c to pay + Margaret 35c
          John Allen Expressed a Saddle home in a Box about the 10 of Jan. his wife stated that she never heard from it he is uneasy about it. Aaron Kyser sent a trunk home at the same time The Box + Trunk were expressed at the same time. Mr Kyser received a Letter from his wife to day stating that she sent by the Mail carrier to Clay City for the Trunk and he brought back word that it was not there + last week she went up to Clay City herself to see about it + found it and the Express agent said it had been there 3 weeks
          Tell Margaret that I think the Saddle is there also. in your next inform me about the saddle next week we expect more money then I will send you some                     J.H. Roe

[in top margin] Let Margaret Allen read this Letter then she will see what is said about the Saddle.

© elf junction, ink.

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