Jonas H. Roe
March 6, 1863
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    March 6th 1863
My Dearest Wife   Helena Ark
                    I recd yesterday a payment for two months up to first of last Nov. amounting Fifty two dollars and forty Cents and eleven dollars and five cents for my clothing bill up to that time that was due amounting altogether sixty three dollars and forty cts We are promised more pay the last of this month I was owing more than I drawed but I will send you ten dollars of that by Express I want you not to pay out any excepting for your own use When I get my next pay I will try + pay Price the Rent due
I received a five days ago a Letter from you to Nelly You spoke about going home +c Celina you must know that I can not even get Money enough to come Home If I could get a Forlough If I had money to go home. I think I could get a Forlough in the course of forty or fifty days. I think that I will be able to go + see you after awhile I want you to stay whare you are and keep all of the children together I will never consent to part my Children again I have tried it to my sorrow If It will be best for you to not farm any but make a larger garden I think that I will be home in time to sow wheat if not it wont make much difference so I do not want you to work I will send you enough to live upon you need not concern yourself about that John Allen owes not less than 85 dollars here for horses My health is very good A man out of Co B of our Rig. died yesterday he had been shot in the knee + it mortified it was cut off + died soon after some are dying here daily Write soon every seven days without fail Emily Alice John and Harriet I want you to be good children love and obey your mother and be kind to each other and then every body will love you I have now over four months pay due amounting to 116 one hundred + sixteen dollars Give my best Respects to all inquiring friends especially Joseph Enterkine + his family

Celina I Expressed to day to you at Clay City In Care of J Beach Forty five Dollars Ten for you + thirty five for John Allen
                                                                               J.H. Roe
N.B. Hand Mr Beach the few lines that I send to him inclosed in this

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