Jonas H. Roe
April 5, 1863
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  Helena Ark Apr 5th 1863
Dear Celina,
          Through the mercies of God I am blessed with another opportunity to converse some with you by way of a Letter. I can say that my health is good but it is pretty sickly here at present several of our Regiment has the small Pox and many more have the Variloid or specisiourus small Pox we are yet holding this Post and we have comfortable quarter I hope to remain here this summer if the war continues Capt Jessup + Willis Morris have Vareoloid small Pox + are pretty sick John Allen is well I hoped to have got pay again before I wrote But we have not been paid as soon as I expected I hope to get our pay this week as soon as I get it I think that I will be able to send you 40 or fifty dollars You stated that you rented that place again for fifteen dollars Celina If I was in your place I would plant all of the old Wheat piece with Corn it will be high. I wish you to hire Mr Uncles to Plough all of the land that you rented as soon as you Can + Plough it deep you had not better sow any Flax it is to much work to get it out -
take good care of old John and feed him well -
you do not write often enough No furloughs granted yet - we have some skirmishing as usual. The Vicksburg news about the same preparing to attack it The forces are very large on both sides I will write again in 7 or 8 day I recd the short Letter that you sent inclosed in John Allen's give my best respects to all of my friends Especially Enterkines family and Spittlers
          I am your loving husband
                                   J.H. Roe
Celina Roe
Emily Alice John and Harriet my Dear Children I am well + and would like to see you very much + I will go + see you as soon as I Can

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