Jonas H. Roe
April 21, 1863

[continued from April 3rd 1863 letter of Thomas Roe]

Dear Celina   April 21st 1863
          We have been looking anxiously for our pay + we did realy expect to have been paid to day but have been disappointed We will get our pay I think this week for 4 months up to first of March amounting to one hundred + ten dollars I owe nearly sixty dollars on my horses I paid for the one that I lost 40 dollars + forty two for the one that I now have The one that I have now have was appraised by the U. States appraisers for one hundred + twenty five dollars the horse that I lost had not been appraised so I will loose him intirly When I get my money I will send you thirty six dollars out of it I want you to pay Price twenty dollars If you can spare money I would like you to send my your Likeness when you have an opportunity to have it taken.
Celina Roe                          Yours in Love                    J.H. Roe

N.B. I Recd your Letter No 4th to day

[inverted] N.B. If we moove from here I will Express home my Over coat + some other clothing

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