Jonas H. Roe
April 23, 1863
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[in pencil] I send thirty six dollars + 50 fifty cts. If we move from here I will send my overcoat + other clothing for Johns clothing -

My Dear Wife Helena, Ark April 23
          I am thankful to be able to inform you that I am well I Recd my pay to day + Express in this package Thirty six dollars and thirty cts (to John) I have paid every cent that I owe him I expressed it to you at Clay City Clay Co. in care of Justus Beach Esq excuse me for my poor writing we are preparing to go out on a scout and am in a hurry and am writing on my nee When you receive this go down + get Beach to bring it down from Clay City You had better pay Price perhaps $20.00. twenty dollars + do the best that you Can with the balance we killed day before yesterday 2 secess in a skirmish we are scouting daily we may have a big fight here soon we are looking some for an attack by Gen Price he is now Commander of the Ark Rebels we are well prepared for them
Give my love + best Respects to all of our friends. Please write as soon as you get this
I am your loving husband
Celina Roe                     J.H. Roe


[in pencil] No 4th

N.B. Be not uneasy about me I will do the best that I know and trust to providence for the result - the day will come when this glorious nation will emerge and come forth cleansed from the enormous sin of human slavery. The God of Justus will truly bless us in our humane efforts to remoove the Institution of human slavery. You have had no opportunities to learn any thing comparitively speaking of the workings of that cursed Institution the slaves have been treated in many instances far worse than we the treat our domestic animals of the North
Keep in good cheer all will turn out right a merciful + a righteous God is at the helm + will ultimately guide us to that haven of endless rest if we love + serve him this nation is only receiving a scurging for its sins + consumptions. I hope we will live to see the day when peace + Joy will pervade our whole land when all will enjoy that Liberty that our Fathers fought to obtain for us But I am resigned to my fate if it is necessary that my blood shall go to water the tree of Liberty I am ready for the sacrifice God's will be done & farewell.

© elf junction, ink.

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