Jonas H. Roe
September 9, 1862
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Dear Wife Helena Arkansas Sept. 9th 1862
          Through the goodness of God I am enabled this morning to inform you that I am alive and well We have no news here to relate it is very sickly however many are dying off with billious diseases We are in receipt of intelligence of the proceedings of the Union Army near Washington it seems that the Secess army is intirely to large for ours to subdue I have learned that Gens. Kirney and Taylor of New Jersey was killed and Gen. Daniel Sickles of N. York who killed Kays (for seducing his wife), in Washington about two years since was also killed there were two or three Gens. From Ill. Killed doing the several battles on the Potomac before Washington Gen Pope I think has not done as well as McClellen did McClellen has again taken full command of the whole Union Army of Virginia I think there will be a great amount of hard fighting there before the Rebels will give up it is said that their whole Army numbers two hundred and fifteen thousand it is no little job to wipe out such a formidable army -- I have all confidence however that Gen. McClellen's Army will suceed after awhile there is some talk of sending part of this army there -- The secess are making desperate efforts to retake the States of Kentucky and Tennessee We have penetrated much farther south than our Union Army is in the East so that I am perfectly satisfied that we will not be sent any farther south until Richmond is taken but if more western troops are needed at the seat of the war in Virginia We may be sent there or to Memphis or Louisville to relieve the soldiers at those points so that they can go to join McClellen's Army I hope however that our Eastern Army in Virginia will soon be able to conquer the enemy so that we con continue on our southern march. We have a large naval force stationed here. Besides the other water craft we have eight gunboats a few enemy with a Cannon or so made their appearance on the East bank of the Mississippi River opposite here yesterday -- Our cannon opened upon them and soon drove them off -- There is some talk that we are to be attacked soon here but do not be afraid of the result if they do we are thoroughly prepaired for any emergency whatever they can not surprise us we have pickets out on every road twenty miles. It is somewhat dangers for the Picket Guard but the Army is made safe by it.
In looking over my Letters to day I found one from Eliz. dated in last March which you requested me to send back to you. I will therefore inclose it in this and also a Letter from my brother Thomas dated Aug 16th 1862 I desire that you keep these Letters until I return home.
     Be particular about keeping the children and yourself in good shoes -- keep the children in the house as much as you can in rainy weather If they need physic give them Castor oil tell my dear children Emily C. Alice Ann John B and Harriet D. Roe that I love them dearly that I want to see them bad -- Tel them that I want them to love and obey their Mother who is so good to them Celina kiss them for me --- write directly if you please direct your letters as before Celina I would love to see you but circumstances are are such that it is impossible for the present I wish you to enjoy yourself as well as you can and feel and realize that I am your true friend and lover
                    your affectionate husband
       C. Roe                               J.H. Roe

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