Jonas H. Roe
September 2, 1862

    Sept. 2nd 1862
Dear Celina.   Helena  Philips Co. Arkansas
                    Through the goodness of God I am able to inform you that I am well again. It is very sickly here now and in consequence of its being so sickly our Army has been laying still and I have no important knews to give you - nearly one half of all of our Regiment is now sick and many are dying John Bowman got some better and was sent up to the Hospital at Mound City Illinois to be doctored Basel Perdue of our Co. died yesterday morning. He lived in White Co. Ill. He left a young wife and a small babe two or three months old she is his third wife he has two children living by his second wife and one by his first wife. We mustered last sunday for pay our two months pay was due the first of this month my whole wages for the two months is twenty eight dollars for myself and 40 cts per day for my horse July had 31 days and Aug. 31 - amounting together 62 days at 40 cts /per day amounts to $24.80 $28.00 and $24.80 makes $52.00 cts I owe yet on my horse $24.00 when I get the money I will take up the Note and of the ballance I will express to you $25.00 leaving me $3.80 I do not know what time in the month we will get our pay the paymaster has not come yet when I get it I will send it to Andrew Greves Mount Erie in care of Thompson Vandevier I have heard that Thompson Vandevier has gone to the war but if he is not at home his wife can attend to forwarding the money to Andrew Greves when I send it I will imform you about it. I Recd your Letter of the 22nd and I was glad to get it I was so anxious to here from you. You wanted to know the reason why John Allen and myself did not send our money with J. Enterkine Directly after we received our money Enterkine Allen and myself had a conversation about sending our money home Enterkine was in favor of sending it in care of Ed. Bonham at Fairfield and John and I agreed to do so and I wrote a Letter to you and also one of Ed. Bonham about the money. Joseph Enterkine sleeps at a distance of forty or fifty rods form John and I who sleep at the foot of a large tree Enterkine was sick and the money had to be taken to Memphis to be Expressed there is no Express office here Rev. Mr. Wood was selected to carry up to Memphis all the money and Express it - The next morning after we heard that Mr. Wood was to go to Memphis to send off the money Enterkine John and myself was to meet and send our money and Letters. In that night the Bugle was sounded for us to prepare to march on a scout Enterkine was sick and could not go and we thought he would have plenty of time to arrange his business. We thought as Thompson Vandevier had done well by us so far and had written to us and informed us that he would attend to forwarding our money to you. We thought after taking every thing into consideration we would send our money by Clay City we did not think that it would make any difference with Mr Enterkine. I do not know how Mr Enterkine conducts himself - But I do the best that I know Kiss the children for their father. Give my best respects and [love] to all my friends - Your loving Husband
Celina Roe J.H. Roe

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