Jonas H. Roe
August 25, 1862

  Arkansas Aug 25th
My Dear Wife. Helena Philips Co.
          Through the goodness of God I am yet among the living for which blessing I am very thankful I am sorry to inform you that my health is poor I have been running down for some time I am doubtful if I live through the war. John Bowman has been very low and is very low now he is thought to be on the mend he has the Typhoid Fever When I am sick time seems long I have not received any letter from you since the one dated the third of Aug. I have written several to you since I am anxious to know if they have all went home or not I am anxious to know if you have Recd the thirty five dollars that I sent you in the care of Thompson Vandavier the first of last August. Curtis's Army is laying here yet a large amount of his men are sick and they are dying off fast several are burried every day Gen. Heniman of Little Rock the commander of the Secess was killed by his own men in a revolt last week A Steamboat ran against a snag last Wednesday night between here and Memphis and Stove to pieces drownding some 70 or 80 persons some soldiers and women and children on their rout here to see their friends. It is reported here that Capt Organs wife was among them. As we got no letters last week we thought maybe your letter that you sent was lost on the streamboat I have noticed that other men at get at least two letters to mi one from their wives I know such to be a fact for I write some of the letters that are sent back and read many that are received. I want you to write a letter without falure every week Give My best respects to Mr Spitter's family and all the rest of our friends of Wayne State what Doctors are practicing med- now in Erie and the names of all that you know that have went to the war state whare Sib Miller is +c
                    Yours affectionately
Celina Roe                                    J.H. Roe

I want you to kiss my dear Children for me tell them to be good children and God will bless them. I will come home as soon as I can State how the Oats corn is +c. Keep the children well clothed and do not have them expose themselves more than can be helpt
                                                                          J.H. Roe
5 Cal
          Reg of f  f f  f f
                         I send this by Benjamin Brass
Dr J  J  J H Roe  Helena  Ark
          5 Cav Reg of Ills Vol
                                     C  Company M

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